Sep 26, 2020


 Hi friends.

I have little giveaway. 

Mario is having birthday on 24th October and I would like if you sent him card.

I will draw winner on 15th November with all cards that arrive. 

I will also draw winner of last giveaway at same date.

Sorry about that... 

I didn't forget just with this pandemia I didn't want to winner wait long for prize to arrive. 

I will put something together and will upload photo later of the prize. 

Don't feel well lately so I didn't had chance to do it before. 

Address is:

Fikreta Posavec 

Mate Kaica 8, 48361 Kalinovac


Address will be removed after this giveaway ends. 

Thank you all. 



here is prize for this giveaway!

1 komentari:

Mia said...

Hi Fiki,
Of course I will send a card to Mario for his birthday.
Hugs, my dear friend,