About me/Copyright

    This is me 
photo taken april 2018.


My name is Fikreta but
 friends call me Fiki.

I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 
but I live in Kalinovac,Croatia
I'm married and we have one beautiful 
15 yearold girl whose name is Paola.
I have five cats,turtle,bunny,guinea pig,
fish, two birds and the dog.
I'm animal lover.
I LOVE cats ! 
Love anything crafty.
I start crafting before 5 years and blogging about 4 years ago.
If you ask me why I start to craft I think because so I don't go insane LOL !
I'm at home,I do not work,wife and mom so I must do something else.
I love papers,stamps,(digi too) ink and everything else to make my creations.
I love to make anything crafty,
My inspiration is everywhere.
I'm big dreamer.
And I like to take pictures,especially my cat's.

All artwork creations featured on this 
 blog are for inspiration only.
 Please do not directly copy the designs for any
 purpose unless you have sought
 the express permission from me
 and have the written proof to support
 that you have done so.

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JenniferD said...

Hi can you send me your postal address please. I have a new Computor :P