Mar 26, 2019

Purple day blog hop

Today my friends and me have blog hop 
for purple day!
Purple day is  wear purple and host events in
 support of epilepsy awareness.

My husband have epilepsy.
He have to take his medicine  so 
he dont have seizures.

When I meet my husband before many, many years ago , 
I didn't know  nothing about epilepsy.

We walk from our date to my house and he had seizure.
It take about 5 minutes.
He was strange and I didnt know whats going on.
I asked him few questions but he didn't answer.
Then I told him that he is stupid.
Yes,shame on me. 
From all things I asked him he only heard 
when I say he is stupid.
He was confused because he didn't know 
why I told him that.
I explain him how he behave,after few moments 
he told me that he  must tell me something.
When he told me he have epilepsy I was so ashamed but he forgive
 me because he knew that I couldn't know.

 Please take a moment and read.
Purple Day is a global grassroots event formed with the intention to increase worldwide awareness of epilepsy, and to dispel common myths and fears of this neurological disorder. Further intentions of this movement are to reduce the social stigmascommonly endured by many individuals afflicted with the condition; to provide assurance and advocacy to those living with epilepsy that they are not alone in their ongoing endurance; and to initiate individuals living with the condition to take action in their communities to achieve these aims.
 The day occurs annually on March 26.
 Formation and history
The concept of Purple Day was initiated by a 9-year-old named Cassidy Megan, and was motivated by her own struggle with epilepsy.
The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia helped to develop Cassidy's idea, and the first Purple Day event was held on March 26, 2008, and is now known as the Purple Day for Epilepsy campaign.

In 2009, the New York-based Anita Kaufmann Foundation and Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia joined to launch Purple Day internationally and increase the involvement of numerous organizations, schools, businesses, politicians and celebrities around the world. On March 26, 2009 over 100,000 students, 95 workplaces and 116 politicians participated in Purple Day. In March 2009, the official USA Purple Day Party launch was organized by the Anita Kaufmann Foundation. Canadian Paul Shaffer of the Late Show with David Letterman attended the official launch at Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City.

In March 2012, Purple Day received the Royal Assent and became a legal day for epilepsy awareness in Canada.
In December 2015, Electronics retailer Dick Smith had arranged a major corporate partnership with Epilepsy Action Australia to support Purple Day in Australia with a $50,000 cash sponsorship, prizes and exclusive distribution of Purple Day merchandise. A week prior to Purple Day celebrations in 2016, Dick Smith was placed in receivership. Later, the Retail Food Group provided a $50,000 donation to match Dick Smith's previously promised sponsorship.

Epilepsy Myths:

MYTH 1: You convulse (shake and jerk) when you have epilepsy

FACT 1: Not every seizure means a person jerks convulsively, nor is a person always unconscious during a seizure. Convulsions while unconscious are usually associated with tonic clonic seizures. There are a range of seizures which have different side effects and can affect people differently. 
MYTH 2: Flashing lights cause seizures in everyone with epilepsy

FACT 2: Around 1 in 100 people has epilepsy, and of these people, around 3% have photosensitive epilepsy. Photosensitive epilepsy is more common in children and young people (up to 5%) and is less commonly diagnosed after the age of 20. Triggers differ from person to person, but common triggers include a lack of sleep, stress, and alcohol.

MYTH 3: You can restrain someone during a convulsive seizure and put your finger in their mouth

FACT 3: During a convulsive seizure you should never hold the person down or put anything in their mouth. It's important to know exactly what to do when someone has a tonic clonic seizure so that you can act quickly. Here's our 10 first aid steps for someone that has a convulsive seizure.

MYTH 4: Epilepsy is rare

FACT 4: Epilepsy is anything but rare, over 500,000 people in the UK have epilepsy. That’s about one in every 100 people. There are also around 60 million people with epilepsy in the world.  Anyone can develop epilepsy, it happens in all ages, races and social classes.

MYTH 5: The only side effects of a seizure are tiredness and being confused
FACT 5: Having epilepsy can affect people in different ways. Knowing that a person ‘has epilepsy’ does not tell you very much about what happens for them or how epilepsy affects them. For example, some people may have problems with sleep or memory and for some people epilepsy may affect their mental health.
What to do if someone has a convulsive seizure

My crafty friends and me have blog
 hop with giveaways!

Visit all and leave them comment to 
be in draw for the prize!
 It would be nice if you follow but is not 
necessary to be in draw.
You have from  
26-31 march to hop around!

lets hop!



that's me if you didn't know 😂

with my card I want to enter in these challeges: 

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Simon says  wednesday challenge

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Pink gem challenge

Cute daisy may challenge

I also have this freebie for you.
just right click and save.

This is my prize:

Big thanks to my crafty friends
 who decide to join me
 and thank you all who hop around!

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Janis said...

Adorable card, Fiki!! I love the sweet little squids. Awwww....and purple is the perfect color for them.

Thank you for sharing your story with us about your hubby. It really brings it to life for those of us who do not have first-hand experience with epilepsy.

Thanks for hostessing this important hop and for inviting me to be a part of it. Hugs!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Fiki! I learned a lot about epilepsy in this hop! Thanks for organizing it! I am sorry that Mario has epilepsy but I am grateful there is medicine that controls the seizures. Your card is so adorable! I love purple!
Thank you for the free sentiment! You have such a cute prize!

Olga Fink said...

Hello Fiki! such a gorgeous card! I love purple too! and thank you for the lovely Freebie you have included! Thank you for sharing your story about Mario and you! Such an exciting blog hop and I am so happy to be a part of it and spread such an important message. Thank you so much for organizing it and for asking me to be a part of it!
xoxo Olga

Lisa said...

Your card is so adorable, Fiki!! The images are so cute!! One of my best friends has epilepsy so I appreciate you bringing awareness to it. Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Quillish said...

Hello Fikreta, I must say..I admire that you shared your story when you first witnessed the seizure. I had recently witnessed a girl travelling alone and having a seizure. Your write up helped me a lot in understanding and now i hope I'll be more aware and helpful to the people if they need me. What an adorable card it is, I hope to be the change.

sandie said...

Thank you for organising this fabulous hop and I am honoured to be part of it. What a super card with the perfect sentiment. My giveaway is on IG xx

Surekha Galagoda said...

Dear Fikreta
Your card is beautiful and so are the theme and colors.
Most of all thank you for organizing this blog hop for Purple Day Epilepsy awareness.
Thank you for being an understanding wife and may you both be blessed with gd health, happiness and many more years together.
I had a rare form of Epilepsy and was treated at Apollo Hospitals by Dr Deb who was so kind and loving. I got it after marriage and i used to just fall down on the road and i never could remember that moment. I used to fall once a month or once in two weeks and the anxiety to know that u will fall but no idea of when it will happen is very painful. Now i am not on medication and i dont get it either.
Miracles do happen and please do believe that your husband will go past this in the very near future. Keep praying. You as his ed. Love and hugs from sri Lanka.wife can pray for him. I will also uphold your husband in my daily prayers. tc stay blessed love and hugs from Sri Lanka

Margreet said...

Gorgeous card and great coloring.
Thanks for sharing your first meeting with a seizure.
Good luck with the bloghop.
xxx Margreet

Bunny said...

A beautiful card, Fiki. Thanks for bringing awareness to Epilepsy. The story you shared about your husband on your date is a precious memory of how we can all be so unaware. There are many facts I was unaware of. [Bunny]

Chandhini said...

It is nice of you to organize this hop to raise awareness about epilepsy, I have learnt a lot during this hop. Lovely card.

New Creations said...

Thanks for sharing and hosting this amazing hop Fikreta! Your card is so cute!
What a blessing you are. I read part of your story and I have to say that I stopped due to the tears. May God continue to bless you.
Thanks for the chance to win this generous hop!

Sue D said...

Cute squid card and thanks for being awareness to epilepsy. We have a cousin that has epilepsy. I learned a lot reading your post.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

*Vicki* said...

Oh wow Fiki!! I absolutely ADORE your sweet purple squid card!! Brillaintly colored and such a fun design!! Love that you've added that beautiful sentiment to it as well! How nice you give it as a freebie too!! Bless your heart for your husband and what has motivated you in bringing us together for this blog hop to bring awareness! So proud to be apart of this with you my friend! BIGGEST HUGS

Eekers said...

Just finished my hop and what a great selection of thoroughly purple awesome cards! Thank you so much for letting me join the hop. It's lovely to think that we have made even a few more people aware of epilepsy through our crafting and friendships :) This is defo one of the best hops I have hopped round and taken part in! Huge hugs, Annabel x

Eekers said...

I forgot to say how much a loved your card! All cards should contain a bit of squid action :D xxx

Verna Angerhofer said...

Thanks so very much for educating us about epilepsy. My husband's niece and a cousin have this illness so I am familiar with it somewhat but had no idea how much I still needed to learn. So bless you for educating your readers. And, that looks like a wonderful prize you are offering as well. I am glad I saw this on another person's post so that I could do the hop. God bless all of you.

Verna Angerhofer said...

Please forgive me. In my first post I forgot to tell you what a darling card you made. That is so delightful and fun! I just finished the hop and love to see the wonderful designs all did and reading about their experiences with this disease. Your hop certainly educated me.

Lori Kobular said...

I love your card! That sentiment is perfect and thank you for the freebie of it! God Bless your husband! Thank you for bringing awareness to this very important issue!

Linda Simpson said...

This is fabulous Fiki!
Linda xxx

Lori Kobular said...

If you do this important blog hop again next year I would LOVE to be a blog stop along the way!! God Bless!! Lori

Jean said...

Such a darling Card! I have known several people who have epilepsy! Thank you for sharing this hop filled with information and inspiration!

Becca Yahrling said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about this often over-looked disease. And there is so much I didn't know so I'm happy for the education. Everyone's cards are so wonderful. Thanks, Fiki, for this hop, the awareness and for offering a prize. :-)
rebyah1 @

Donna said...

Your card is so cute and cheery and for a wonderful cause! So glad to see this awareness hop!

Karenladd said...

Awww, that little card with the squid is adorable in purple! Thank you for sharing your story about epilepsy. We had an employee who had epilepsy, which could not be controlled with medication and that was the first time I realized that seizures are not all the same. I was surprised to see how common epilepsy is and am grateful that you are part of this hop...spreading the word.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Great post about epilepsy, I founded a lot of new informations here!
Thanks for the Hop and the fab free sentiment! Your card is so sweet and fun, and LOVE purple, is my fav colour 😊

Macimbalo said...

Adorable card and thanks for bringing awareness to Purple Day! Your husband is a lucky man to have you for his wife, and I enjoyed reading your story about your first date. Thank you for all the information you have shared to help bring more awareness to epilepsy and for offering a prize as well. Happy Purple Day!

MadeByMeghanK said...

These little squids are DARLING! What a perfect purple card!!! I had no idea about all the myths about epilepsy! I am so grateful for this hop! Thank you for being a part of it and your generous prize! (

Shauna said...

What a great reason to hold a blog hop. Thank you! Love your cute, purple card and especially that fab sentiment you are offering.
- Shauna

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh Fiki, you must have felt so awful when your hubby told you about his condition! So glad you two were able to make it past that point! But it highlights all too well, how little is known by the average person about this condition! Thanks for this wonderful bloghop and for educating us about Epilepsy and most especially for your personal story with this condition. Gorgeous card for the cause hun. I LOVE the sweet squids. So so cute and great message in the sentiment! Sending hugs my lovely crafty pal, Wends xoxo

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Such an informative blog post. Thank you Fikreta. I love your blog header and your sweet card! Please keep me out of your drawing - I have too much shtuff as it is.

SHartl said...

Purple is one of my favorite colors and this card is so darn cute! Thank you for hosting this hop to educate people about epilepsy and share your husband's story. I had a friend in high school who had epilepsy and learned a lot about it at that time. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing crafty prize too.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful hop you have organized! I have learned so much, and I am going to pass along what I have learned to others, also. The card is so cute, especially the Squid wearing the glasses! “Be the Change” quote is one of my favorites, and I have a board with it hanging in my studio. YOU are doing something to positively impact the world. Thank you!

Denise Bryant said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I am learning a lot about epilepsy awareness on the hop! Thanks for organizing the hop so we can learn more and help to inform others too. Love your sweet card!

Lieve said...

By accident I came accross your site.
It's the first time I hear about Purple Day, although my sister has epilepsy (she is 52 now).
I have to check if March 26 (my brithday) is called epilespy awareness day here in Belgium too.
Thank you for sharing your story, and organize this blog hop. It's important.
You made a cute and sweet card !
Spring greetings from Belgium, Lieve

debby4000 said...

Love the purple card and what a fabulous way to highlight epilepsy.
Thank you for joining us at Simon says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.

Suzanne H said...

Thanks so much for hosting this informational blog hop. I didn't know much about epilepsy until today. Love your little squids and the free sentiment. I've found a few new blogs to follow as well. Thanks for sharing your story.

Mia said...

Thank you for organising such a great blog hop, Fiki.
Epilepsy is not rare and everyone has to know about this disease.
Your card is amazing.
Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize.
Kisses from Greece.

ionabunny said...

HUGZ. Fab card and a very educational hop. Didn't know epilepsy affected so many. Thanks for raising awareness. Hugz

crafty-stamper said...

Really cute card and best wishes to you hubby and thank you for raising awareness
Carol x

Gail said...

Thank you for this lovely hop and awareness - my grand-daughter lost her best friend who had a terrible seizure - she was alone at the time - it was truly sad she was 19 years old - our card is adorable - I wish and pray that this disease could be cured - so sorry about all people that walk this journey - thanks for sharing

Darnell said...

It was an honor to be a part of this important Hop, Fiki! Thank you for organizing it to spread awareness! I love your card and I wish all the best for your husband! Of course, please leave me out of your drawing. Hugs, Darnell

Kate said...

Thanks for organising this hop and raising awareness of epilepsy. My youngest son has epilepsy. I will try to take part in the hop if I have time!

Valerija said...

Puno ti hvala na ovom blog hopu. Saznala sam puno novog o epilepsiji.
Kartica ti je baš slatka.
Nadam se, da Mario bude dobro i neće imati napadaja.
Hvala ti na prilici osvojiti predivnu nagradu.
Budi dobro!
Zagrljaj, Valerija

Lisa Lynn said...

Too cute. And for a great cause.

ike said...

I really love your card Fiki :-)
Thank you for letting me join this fab Hop.


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cotnob said...

A beautiful card Fiki, lovely soft purples.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Monika Reeck said...

your card is cute and so beautiful
the colors look s like you painted it
and I am sorry to read about your husband and I am learning much on this blog sister married her husband and he has also epilepsy but he can managed to calm down when he feels attacked will come
and he got good medicine too, glad your hubby get good medicine too
I am now knowing much about Epilepsy sweety
thanks for the Blog Hop
Monika in Munich

gransliltreasures said...

Adorable card. Love how you used the colour purple. Thanks for sharing over atAdorable card
Good luck. Denise DT xx

KarinsArtScrap said...

beautiful card Fiki

gr karin