Sep 5, 2015


Hello my friends.
This couple of days I receive only disappointments.
1.My post lost my mail again!
2. I won super cute image  but never got it.
3.I applied for swap card I send mine but my swap partner say that for her is too expensive postage.
It was not cheap for me postage but I sign up and i think when you sign up for something you must respect rules.
I hate when someone say that they will do something and never do it!
Why people doing that?
I always do what I say and expect that other will do.
Silly me.
Ok enough with this !
I just wanted to tell someone 
because I have all you my great friends I am telling you.
Hope did not bored you...

to cheer you up after this post
 I will share with you my clever ideas
Ok as you can see this is not acrylic block.
Its cd box,I don't have big block so I had an idea why not use this instead.
It's not perfect but is practically.
Usually I keep my stamps in this cd boxes
 Mario say that I'm very clever and resourceful

 ta da!
 yesterday I bought this scissors 
they are for nails but you won't believe how they are great for 
cutting images all around.
I used oars for nails but yesterday I saw them in local store
and my hubby said buy them.
so I did.

This block of papers are very good when I color
I don't like color my images directly on table so I put this underneath.
I could not find matt to buy so I came with  this idea.

Here I keep all my cats die that I got from Karen and Marion
Thank you

this two cats together are my favorite 
and this spooky
 they are  so cute!

I made this blog banner so If you like them you can take them for your blog

See you my friends
❤Take care ❤

14 komentari:

ike said...

Oh, how sad :-( I too am missing Post from here. I think they use the economic situation to take my parcels :-(
I understand how you say about the Swaps - this too happened to me before. Just now I do not Swap because the things they get stolen/lost ?!!!

Anyway - your ideas with the pad and storage are fabulous, and I have the small scissors for embroidery I use for cutting :-D

Have a great crafting weekend :-)

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

brenda said...

Such a shame your swap partner did not send to you Fiki, but nice you found a really good way to mount your stamps and received such a lovely die as well.

Have a lovely weekend.

B x

Linda said...

Oh boo, sounds like you had a bad few days:( I too hate it when people don't stick to what they say.
I have to say that using a CD case as a block is a fantastic idea, I agree totally with your hubby about your resourcefulness!
I hope you have a better week next week,

Linda :) xx

*Vicki* said...

So sorry these things have happened to you my crafty friend, but I have to tell you that it has happened to many, many of us! Me too! :( This is why I like to send something out here and there to maybe make up for those that feel they have to be disrespectful. Sending you hugs!

I love your CD storage idea! I've done this with many of my rubber stamps too and it a very inexpensive way to store them. Thanks for sharing!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Okay, that is not cool! I am like you, when I give my word, I keep it! That is a lousy excuse your swap partner gave! Postage is expensive for everyone now and she shouldn't have signed up knowing that it's open worldwide. Not cool! Sorry about your other lost mail - I hope it eventually arrives.

Awesome way to store and use your large stamps - that's a great idea and thanks for sharing! Cute scissors - I love my tiny ones for fussy-cutting - I fussy-cut almost everything hehe!

I love your kitty die-cut storage jar - glad you like the kitties! If you want to change the colour of the white ones, you know you can ink them with your inkpads and a make-up sponge - try it on a scrap first to see how it looks. I use a cut-up kitchen sponge but most people like the make-up sponges.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope things start going a bit better for you!

Bad Kitty said...

thank you Karen for advice I will try on something else I like cats white :)
Enjoy your weekend

Jennifer Scull said...

oh goodness, how terrible that your swap partner didn't follow through as they should have. she shouldn't have signed up in the first place if she had no intention of fulfilling her end of the bargain. as someone else said, postage is expensive for everyone these days. it is part of the cost of swapping. it makes me sad for you.

but you are such a kind person and have turned it all around by sharing with US your clever trick for large stamps. thank you! and you so kindly drop by my blog each time I post and leave such nice, encouraging comments that always make me smile. :)

so know that YOU make the world a much brighter place to be! big hugs to you!

Bad Kitty said...

aww very kind of you Jennifer

Elaine said...

Aww that's terrible, my mail is ready to send to you next week, hopefully that will cheer you up xx

Bad Kitty said...

Elaine I dont expect anything.
But I'm sure whatever you send me I will like it.
Thank you,you are very kind
lots of hugs

aussie aNNie said...

Hi Fiki, sorry not been around for a day or so life taken over, but was not happy to read about your swap partner...what group was that in? Gosh you and I both shared a goodie and card and we are on opposite sides of the world...Postage was not much even for the candy you won...not good as the majority of us love to give.
You keep smiling as there are a lot of good in a lot of us out there.
You have come a long long way with your crafting, creations and wonderful ideas...take it easy lovely friend.xx

Bad Kitty said...

thnak you all

Klaudiya Ray said...

E draga, baš mi je žao što si imala takav peh sa poštarima, poštom i osobom koja nije mogla poslati paket, dešava se to i to veoma često, da se razočaramo iako vjerujemo da neče tako biti..
Veoma si se dobro sjetila ideje sa cd-kutijicama..
Znaš da sam ja sve ono što si mi poslala razvrstala, napravila sam si od papira kao male kovertice, napisala si što je u njima i sve lijepo sortirala, slova-u slova, ovčice posebno, mačke posebno, drveče posebno..
Ja ti jako volim red a pogotovo sa svojim kreativnim kutkom da se u posljednji čas znam snači gdje što stoji. Posebice takve male sitnice, što nisam ni znala čega sve nema unutra, volim da znam što imam na raspolaganja-zato si i stvaram nekakav red.
Raspisah se ja, i uzet ču si banner na svoj blog, veoma mi se sviđa :D
Lijepi pozdrav

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my gosh! All that sad and bad stuff. Your swap partner definitely was not cool for flaking out on you. We all know postage is expensive. I will send you a card if you would like. Just drop me an email with your address. I don't know what the swap theme was but I'll bet any card with a cat on it would make you happy! I use CDs for some of my stamps too.