Jul 10, 2015

big surprise

New Funny Minions Pictures   :)
I believe in karma.
My life was not easy.

My friends..
Today I got a box.
(This was supposed to be published on monday 6.07.but don't know who is not been published)
I was searching on the box but it doesn't say who sent it.
I was so surprised with this box that I didn't want to drink my morning coffee!
I'm the big coffee fan!
Then I called my hubby to come and see.
He say :are you order this? Me: NO!
Ok,then who send this? I don't know ,he don't know...
Then he say :you must find out.
Of course I will find out ...

Never ever is someone done something like this for me!
I cannot believe that in this world still are some great people.
I only have bad experience with people that are close to me.

I would love to know to who I owe this happiness?

When I was growing up I didn't have friends,none...
Now I have one friend with who I hang out (one on month) 
and one friend with I'm on Fb in contact.
And I have you my blog friends!
They never surprised me like you my blog friends.
On this blog I found some wonderful people.
And I'm very surprised with  kindness of  my blog friends.

I really want to thank you my mysterious friend.
I  appreciate this kindness very much!
I don't have words to thank you enough for your gift. 

Like you see I open my mail right away!
I love you my dear friends!
I love surprises!

This arrived me today from Vicki!
Thank you so much!
Im so happy to have you all are my friends!


18 komentari:

brenda said...

What a lovely package to receive Kitty, you are going to have so much fun with those goodies.

B x

ike said...

:-D Well - you did say that you haven't got any of these pens !!!! :-D :-D
Surprise !!!!
I hope you enjoy them little Friend :-D

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bad Kitty said...

yes I say that? did you send me this box?

ike said...

Should I really tell ???????? :-D xxxx

Bad Kitty said...

I think that you are my mysterious friend who sent me this!

ike said...

Yes - it was me :-D
I order direct from the Company so is why there does not say from me on the box.
I hope you enjoy using them and make some fantastic creations. :-)
Much love xoxooxoxoxoxox

Bad Kitty said...

Thank you so much!
I will sure enjoy!
this is so very kind of you.
Much love to you too!

ike said...

You are very welcome my Friend xoxoxoxoxox

Bad Kitty said...

I'm speechless!

KarinsArtScrap said...

that is great Kitty what a big surprise you derserved it.
looking forward to your colouring cards and that great die with the cat.
Gr Karin

ike said...

We will call it an early Wedding present - only not so exciting for your Husband, yes ?!! LoL :-) xx

Bad Kitty said...

oh he's so excited for me!
we are both very grateful !

Ulrike Ewert said...

Hallo liebe Kitty,
da hast du aber eine wunderschöne Überraschung bekommen,ich freue mich für dich mit,
glg ulrike

*Vicki* said...

AWE!! This is all so wonderful my friend!! You certainly are in deserve of all of this!! Wishing you lots of crafty happiness this weekend!! BIG HUGS

Bad Kitty said...

Thank you

Stamping With Bibiana said...

oh what an exiting time to live...you will always remember this times
warm hello from sunny California
current "Throwback Thursday challenge" at my blog: any shaped card

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my gosh! You have the best friends! What great presents to get in the mail! All those yummy markers and then to get that die with the kitty and the lamp too. Such lovely stuff. How fun!

JenniferD said...

Wow so lucky to have such good friends. Keep saving for that Die Machine!