Dec 21, 2014

santa cats

 she stealing my stuff for santa hats

 the face: who? me ? noooo! wasn't me..

the dog doesn't like to take pictures
or my idea  that he wear santa hat

my husband and Ares

black kitty

holly tree with santa hats

 ta da!
my cats with santa hats
I think that they don't like the hats

 me with Coffee and Stinky

  daughter with black kitty

 Coffee is angry
do you see her face?

 she run away

 crazy turtle

hide and seek with Coffee

she's hiding from me

cat animated GIF


  1. Lots of smiles and some chuckles at your pictures! You got some great photos of the kitties with their new Santa hats! Nice family photos too! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Thank you !
    Merry Christmasto you too

  3. fantastic photos Kitty...have a very blessed

  4. those pics made me smile and remind me of my two furballs hehehehe...happy holidays, hugs, Marion

  5. He he, super slikice. :D Hvala, ker si jih delila, so me nasmejale. :)

    Vesele praznike! xx


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