Dec 20, 2014

gift tags....

I make this gift tags for my daughter,husband,sister and my friend.
I also have two more cards to make.
And I have to wrap gifts.
But I don't have much time.
Usually I'm finished on time with everything but lately I don't get anything on time.
I also make small gift and card for my daughters friend.
She have so many problems (friend of my daughter)
She ended up with foster home.
So I decide to make her this holiday a bit happy.
Its not much but I hope so that she will forget about her problems even on 10 minutes.
Yes again it's so late (02:52) but I wanted finished those tags.
Now it's time to go in bed.
 Good night...

 these tag are  for my daughter and husband

 this is for my sister

for my friend

and this what i make for my daughters friend
Paola gave up their candy for a friend

 she wrote a message for her friend


  1. Aaah, these are such fun and cute tags and I am loving the little treat box.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Lots of lovely makes today Kitty, I always think hand made gift tags make present extra special.

    B x

    1. me too Brenda.
      It was so fun to make them

  3. Beautiful creations Kitty, great idea when time is limited....great colours and design.xx
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  4. I think these tags are wonderful! You did a fabulous job with the tags and the gift for your daughter's friend. So sweet and generous of your daughter to give away her candy. That is the true meaning of Christmas. I like all the kitties I see here on your creations! I like your new blog design too - I just noticed it today!

    1. thank you
      I like the kittes so much :D


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