Jun 20, 2021

Giveaway winner



I'm so sorry that I'm a late with  winner of 

 Paola's  birthday giveaway.

Had some things going on and slipped my mind.

She got 3 cards. She was very happy.

Thank you  all who sent cards and made her day !

Winner is Tina!
Tina please send me your address so 
we can send you your prize.
You have 7 days to contact me.
Then will draw another winner.

 Because she got only 4 cards I decided to 
send other ladies something.

Just give me a little bit of time to sort it all. 
My sister had a baby a month ago and he was born too early.
He was discharged from the hospital 2 weeks ago and
on Thursday on my sister's birthday, he ended up in hospital.
It is very hard in this situation, so just bear with me.

2 komentari:

Tina Z. said...

Thank you so much and thinking of you and sending hugs.

Mandy said...

Oh Fiki, sending you hugs and hoping your nephew is doing well xx