Mar 13, 2021

Paola's 18th birthday giveaway!

 Hi my friends.

Paola this year is celebrating her 

18th birthday on may 22nd.

Oh wow! 18th! Where the time flew!? 

Oh wow! I'm old!  LOL!

No,I'm not I will be 36 on may 12th LOL.

 So I'm doing a giveaway but you need to work for it.

She is sad and afraid that because  corona pandemia 

she would not have a birthday party 

with her friends.

So I'm asking you to send her a card.

That's it.

Any birthday card that you have in stash...

For address send me email :

This is prize you can win.

 Winner will be drawn on 1st June.

Have a nice day!

2 komentari:

Granmargaret said...

Fiki I always love sending you and Paola birthday cards but this year your country won't let me. Our overseas postage went up on 1 March and I looked up to see how much to post a card to Croatia so I could get my husband to buy the stamp for me but when I entered Croatia I received the message
"You can't send a letter here
Some countries don’t allow postage items from Australia"

I hope you both have happy birthdays. It is also my eldest daughter's birthday on 12 May.

Valerija said...

Poslat ču čestitko. Kao več nekoliko godina. Adresu imam.