Sep 11, 2020

Did you know?!

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Janis from  Her peaceful garden is having 
another Cat lovers blog hop!
Cat Lovers hop
Did you know that is my favorite blog hop!?
Hope you will join!
 Here are a few photos of cats to celebrate
Cat lovers blog hop!  





And this is Pixie.
Paola found her .
Some stupid man throw her out of the card and
 Paola saw it and bring kitty home.

See you in Cat lovers blog hop!
off to make few cards!

4 komentari:

Linda Simpson said...

How exciting, look forward to seeing what you all create.
Linda xxx

Dotty Jo said...

Always love Janis's Blog Hop. Your cats are adorable, Jo x

Mia said...

I am a cat lover too, Fiki. You cats are beautiful! Give them a big hug from me, my friend.

ike said...

I am so looking forward to the Hop again this year.
Your kitties are gorgeous and I really LUV Pixie :-D xx