Jun 18, 2020

Cat bite me...

Hi friends
I got bitten by my cat 
day before yesterday.
I try to separate two boy cats that are start 
to fight and that was not good idea.
So one of cats bite me .
This was not first time that I separate them but this time I got bitten..
So I think next time I will use broom to 
separate them LOL

I didnt want to go to doctor because 
I was sure its nothing.
But friends on FB told me I should go and over night I can't sleep and I cant move thumb.
It was so swollen.

I went to doctor and he was afraid that cat cut
 tendon so he sent me to surgeon and 
luckily it was fine.

I got 2 injections and 2 antibiotics. 
Still hurts and I got bandage.
And tomorrow I need again to go to  surgeon doctor to see what's happening with wound.
All is fine but cant use thumb so I cant color. 

8 komentari:

Valerija said...

Ojej, nadam se, da češ biti uskoro dobro.
Čuvaj se!

Tina Z. said...

Ojoj, hitro okrevanje.

Margreet said...

Wow, that doesn't look well. Hope it will soon be better.
xxx Margreet

Mia said...

Cats are so cute, but when they fight, I think we should go back! I am sorry for your hand, Fiki. Hope you feel better soon.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh no, Fiki! This looks horrible! I hope your hand will heal well and quickly. I think you did the right thing to seek medical attention. My two male cats fight a lot but I have not tried to get in between them. Honeydew is a bully and attacks Kiwi almost every day. It's very upsetting to see and hear the sound of Kiwi screaming. I yell at them or clap my hands loudly. It usually scares them and they stop, but it only works because they are scared of loud noises. I think your idea of using the broom next time is a good one. Sending lots of hugs to you, my friend!

Lisa Lynn said...

As a nurse...you needed to get an antibiotic and probably something like a steroid for the swelling. That looks horrible. I know that you didn't want them to hurt each other, but sometimes they need to "fight it out" for their dominance order and they will keep doing it for that reason. I agree with Kitty's ideas or otherwise...let them fight. They would do it when I had the three cats and I would usually just yell "Knock it off you da** cats" and that was enough because they didn't like it when I yelled. Keep your arm elevated. And I will pray that it heals quickly so you can get back to crafting.
Hugs to all.

cotnob said...

I hope it gets better soon Fiki.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Unknown said...

Ouch! I hope it is on the mend now and you can use your thumb again.