Jun 1, 2020



I have giveaway! 
I'm little bit bad because you must work for prize. 
But it's very simple. 
My daughter Paola have birthday May 22.
Mine is May 12.
We share birth month and that's great! 
So what you must do to be entered in giveaway is send card for Paola. 
She will have 17 in May. 
Don't ask what she like because she change her mind few times a week. 🤪 
Only thing that never change is that she like her phone, sweets and makeup. 
This is photo of  just part of prize for card giveaway. 
Will add more things later. 

I put giveaway early so anyone who wants to participate have enough time. 
Paola will draw one winner from all cards that arrive. 
I will chose one from this post who leave comment that want to be entered in giveaway. 
Don't know what prize will be but I think maybe stamps and some goodies. 

We will draw winners on June 1st.

For address please e mail me at

Thank you all in advance for participating. ❤️