Nov 5, 2019


Hello my crafty friends

I have strange giveaway.
Why strange? 
Because you must work for it!

Im so bad, I know!
My husband have birthday on october 24th.
My hubby dont ever get card expet 
from me and Paola.
We all love to get cards,right?

So to participate in this giveaway all you must do 
 is send him a card.
So little bit about my hubby.
He likes to play games on his playstation.
He listen Metallica,Green Day and music like that.
He don't like cute things very much.

I will draw winner from all cards that arrived.
I will give extra time so drawing will be on November 5th.
You have plenty of time!
email me for address 😀

Because it will be surprise for him you will send 
it on my name and put little M  on the envelope.

will add few more things

8 komentari:

Jennifer Scull said...

Happy birthday to your husband! :)
I will try to get a card made for him.
Could you please send me your address? I am sure I have it somewhere, but life is a bit scattered right now.

Enjoy your weekend!

Natalia said...

What a lovely idea! Happy Birthday to your husband ☺

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Kako divna ideja. Bravo Fiki.
Pozdrav Tamara 😊

Mia said...

Hi Fiki,
Of course I will make a card for your husband.
Everyone has to get cards on birthdays!
I am sure it will be a great surprise for him.
Please send me your address to my email:
Hugs, my dear friend,

Valerija said...

Nekako sam propustila ovaj post. Ali moja je čestitka danas išla na put. Nadam se da stiže na vrijeme.
Hvala na prilici osvojiti ovo predivno nagradu.

Sharon said...

Oh my. It's too late for me to get a card in the mail for your Scorpio-born (Oct 24) hubby, but I do hope that Your hubby gets a tremendous amount of birthday playstation goodies!

Surekha Galagoda said...

Hidear friend
I know i cant get a card for him by tomorrow. But my wishes are with him.May you have good health and happiness always and may all your creams come true. Thank you for being a lovely husband to our lovely friend.Blessings for a super birthday

Leslie said...

Hello! I've stopped by this morning to thank you for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop over at Her Peaceful Garden! This is my first year participating (we have 8 fur babies) and I'm blown away! Unfortunately I wasn't able to make your hubby a birthday card although I did wish him a 'Happy Birthday' on your blog! But wanted to say that the prize you're offering is awesome and much appreciated!
Love To Scrap 2