GIVEAWAY challenge

Hello all

I have  giveaway challenge.
October 25th is Mario's birthday.
So what you must do is send him card.
We all love to receive happy mail but he dont get it.
I had last year also this giveaway challenge
and he was so happy to receive your cards!
So this year I wanted to do also giveaway challenge.

Rules are very simple.
So what you must do?
Just send him birthday card. 
If you like you can
 include chocolate 😁
  To be surprise you will send it to my name 
with letter M somwhere on envelope .
If you dont have my address do send me email at :

Photo of prize will be added later
when I prepare it all.
I will draw winner november 10th.
So you have plenty time .

update prize photo!
Here is your priz.
Will add few things more :) 
those are big stamps
30x20 cm

Here is storm outside.
 So many lightening and thunders !
Dont like it!

File:A hug for you my friend.gif

3 komentari:

Janis said...

Oh, how fun! I enjoyed making a card for Mario last year. I will try to participate again this year!! This is such a nice thing you are doing for him.
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

*Vicki* said...

That is such a cute idea and so fun! :) I will send you an email! HUGS

DIANA L. said...

Cute idea Happy B-day to Mario. Have a blessed day