Sunday favorites



Hope you are all fine and 
doing somthing fun.
Here is sunny day.

this is so magcial!
Some Enchanted Evening

this is so cute train!
Slikovni rezultat za Wooden Train Garden Planter made with Crates

so cute for cats!
panier a chat style PacMan

Picture of Piranha Plant - Super Mario Cat Bed

Una galleria fotografica di cucce molto particolari!

My cats have been through so much with me, they've even traveled across this country with me. I loves them so much!

Im in loveeeeee!
kitty cat black  Kitchen aid mixer decals {need to either find these or have someone make the decals}

Almohadas con diseño de gato: | Community Post: 20 artículos con temática de gatos que necesitas comprar ahora

Cat Mug - This Is How My Heart Beats

this i will make and put on my door!

Look at this printer!
He doesn't have regular ink cartridges!
so cool!
Epson L310

Epson L310

Have a wonderful day!

4 komentari:

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Fiki! It is a beautiful day here today too! Yay! I always enjoy your Sunday favourites! Those cat beds are so fun! Love the cat chair too! Hope you are feeling well today, my friend. Have a good day!

Lisa said...

They are all so fabulous, Fiki!! I really love the kitty chair!! Enjoy the beautiful day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

ike said...

Great kitty beds and that printer looks cool :-) xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love the sign that says all visitors much be approved by the cat! I might have to specify which cat. Dio will approve everyone who pets him and Charles doesn't like strangers so he approves no one. Cindy and Poppy will have be the judges.

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