Nov 5, 2017

Sunday favourites

Do you know that annoying thing
 prove that you are not robot???!!!
It's' so annoying!
I can say I hate it!
I spent hours passing by all images and worst of all is when he say click all cars I click and then he reload it again! grrrrrrrrr
I love to come and visit all my blog friends and leave comments but this robot thing making it impossible and frustrating.
I googled how to disable it and try many application but it didn't work.
I don't know why they put that stupid,annoying and frustrating prove you are not robot thing!
Honestly do you think robots will go around and comment on peoples blogs???!!!

I think not!
I know that many people are disable it on there's blog like I did it but still appears.
I read somewhere that can happen if you have malware in computerand I know myself how to reinstall and clean windows so I spent all day yesterday and still happens. 
so we can say  that is not true.
If any of you have idea how to disable it do tell me.

Enough of that let's go see my sunday favorites!

This mug is so cute
Slikovni rezultat za coffee pocket gift

Kit Tea Cat Cup with Lid, $13.95

Cat with Mouse Inside Mug, $9.00

purrr-fect clock for me
and other cat lovers

Slikovni rezultat za cat clock

Slikovni rezultat za cat clock

so cute!

So cute!
Slikovni rezultat za cat things for cat lovers

Glassss Cat by ~THE-LEMON-WATCH


Im going to found branches to make this!
Halloween Cat krans boze heks Grapevine Cat deur Hanger

I want this!
LED Cat Light - Urban Outfitters

Thats all my friends 
Hope you will have nice sunday.

Thank you for visiting my blog today!
Have a purrrfect day! 
Happy crafting!

6 komentari:

ike said...

Oh, I had that last week Fiki after I lost all my Followers !!!! I did a lot of commenting on all the card entries and other Blogs and then it start to ask me if I was Robot !!! Grrrr.... it has stopped now :-) I think maybe problem within Blogger. :-(

ike said...

I love all your kitty finds this week - my favourite is the kitty fan and kitty mug with mouse at bottom :-) xxxx

Linda Simpson said...

I am so loving your Sunday favourites Fiki! I have no idea how to help you with the robot problem.
Linda xxx

Lisa said...

I have the same issue with the robot when I comment on many blogs. It's so frustrating. I don't know how to disable it. Maybe clearing your cache and cookies from the computer? Your fave are fabulous!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think if you comment on too many blogs in one day it comes up and starts asking you if you are a robot. Some of those are so hard to figure out. I hate the one where it asks you to click on the one item that is not related. I have weird logic and can make everything related. It is why I did so poorly in logic class.

Anyway, love all your Sunday favorites. You find the best mugs. I don't even use mugs and then I want all the ones you share. I really like that cat shaped fan! I think I need that in my craft room.

Edwina said...

Great cat items! Edwina Brown