Jun 29, 2017

༺ღ༻ ༺ღ༻ ༺ღ༻

My friends..
If you follow me for awhile then you know that my mom passed away before 15 years on todays day.
She passed away when I was 17.
She was only 39. in August of that year 
she  would have 40.
My dad and mom are together in the same tomb.
My dad passed away before 4 years,he was only 54.
I miss them very much.

Every year I made them a card.
For Mothers and Fathers day,for birthdays and for 
day when they become angels.

Nije bilo lako,nije zivot bajka.
Ali ti si u svemu bila prava majka.



  1. What a beautiful card for your Mom, Fiki. I love the layers and design and the pretty blue bow!! Happy birthday to her in Heaven :) Big hugs sweet friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Such a beautiful card for your mum. Sending you lots of gentle hugs.
    Linda xxx

  3. My dear Fiki this is a very beautiful and elegant card! A lot of hugs to you on this day xoxo

  4. You made your mum a gorgeous card with a beautiful sentiment!
    xxx Margreet

  5. What a stunning card you've made in memory of your mom. Lovely sentiment! SENDING HUGS

  6. Such a beautiful card and wonderful memories/emotion. I hope that it brings you peace.

  7. Very emotional Fiki, hugs to you.xx

  8. I still think this is a lovely idea, a beautiful way to treasure a special memory. xxx


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