Mar 26, 2017

Sunday favorites

So it's sunday and all who follow me know that 
I do  favorites almost every sunday.
This time I found pretty cat mugs!

Isn't this cute?
when you drink your coffee or tea you can see little kitty

this is big mug for big coffee 

this kitties sleep on the edge of mug

On this mug I love this text

yes,many,many cats

How cute!
on this mug it look like kitties are fishing

this is amazing!
love this one!
it is my favorite!

this one is also  my favorite!
on the lid it have little cat ears!

And I must say that spring is officially 
come to Kalinovac!
This is small village  but in spring is so nice!
I don't know what kind are those trees
 but they are so pretty!

see you later with my card for  

Thank you for visiting  today!
Have a purrfect day! 
Happy crafting!

5 komentari:

ike said...

What a fantastic collection of cats and mugs :-) I love the cats sleeping on the edge of the cups :-) Gorgeous blossom on the trees Fiki xxxx

Lisa said...

All the mugs are so adorable!! And wow, those trees are gorgeous!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Look at all those flowers on those trees! Wow! It definitely looks like spring. I like all those mugs you found. My favorite is the one with the cats on the edges.

Olga Fink said...

Oh I love all the mugs! LOL coffee and cats what more could you ask! and how beautiful spring is! Those trees are amazing!
xoxo Olga

Eek Eek said...

Thank you for sharing the blossom with us, we are almost there in the UK but not quite! :) I love mugs and cats, so this could literally be my dream shopping list :D

Annabel - Knitty Kitty Digis