Mar 5, 2017

Sunday favorites


Did you know that today is sunday??
I didn't !
I'm so lost!

Some things are  going on but you know 
I'm not person who complains.

So into funny story.
Other day I saw goats and I said to my hubby that I want baby goat.
He said to me that where will I keep that goat,we don't have space.
I told him in the house!
He said ok then goat will stay with you in your tiny room.
Oh well, so thats mean no goat for me...

Isn't that cute little goat??

Yestrday I trimmed my roses and clean little bit around flowers
 and plant one flower this red one.
I didn't know where to plant lilies..
Fotografija Fikrete Posavec.

Coffee and gardenring 🌷
Fotografija Fikrete Posavec.

and I had a little helper

And like always I had some ideas to do makeover of  yard.
you know already that my hubby didn't like it..

I would love to have this
Slikovni rezultat za gazebo

oooo this is amazing!
I want this!
10 Of The Most Amazingly Beautiful Gazebos!! - This antique beauty has Victorian charm. Absolutely beautiful! Via

or this
Romantische Schaukelbank im Garten unter zugewachsener Pergola:

will make somthing like this on our fence
Ideje za savršeno dvorište: Drvena ograda

I have old bike from Paola and I decide to
make something like this
decoracion jardin

think now you know why my hubby doesn't like my ideas

here is where I plant my roses
now they look bad but in few weeks will be colorful

spring flowers

Thank you for visiting my blog today!
Have a meowy day! 
Happy crafting!

7 komentari:

Linda Simpson said...

Love to visit to see your Sunday Favourites. I love the bicycle.
Linda xxx

Lisa said...

Your Sunday favorites are fabulous, Fiki!! I love the bicycle!! What a creative idea!! I hope you post pictures if you do one like it!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

KT Fit Kitty said...

I enjoyed seeing your yard, Fiki! It looks beautiful! I like your little helper - so cute! I like your spring flowers! We still have some snow here, no spring flowers yet! The goat is so cute - my brother had a goat as a pet and kept it in the house but he had to give it away eventually because it was eating his papers (for his business) and bucking the customers, which isn't good! All of your favourite are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

ike said...

Lovely ideas for your garden Fiki :-) I would love to have a goat but they are very destructive !!! My friend had 2 Pygmy goats but they would eat everything - the washing from the line, all the plants, electric wires in the house .... I am sure you get the idea :-) xxx

Eek Eek said...

Your garden looks super tidy! Mine is still a wintery mess :( I love the goat but he would defo destroy your garden, I think they eat anything don't then? :) I still think you should have a Pine Marten ;)
Annabel - Knitty Kitty Digis xxx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Our yard is mostly rock and all dirt. And it's big. We have 4 little trees that were planted last year. Since they are desert trees they grow very, very slow. Hubby added a few things in but it is still mostly rock and dirt. Things burn up in the summer here so you have to add hardy plants and even then you still have to water them. Your dreams are so cool and wonderful but impractical here. So you'll just have to make them come true so I can visit when you post pictures.

Olga Fink said...

A very nice garden you have Fiki! and I love that bike filled with flowers! your little helper is adorable! my husband is like yours Fiki hahahaha everytime I tell him I want a tiger, or a lion, or a monkey, or a panda, or a sloth, or a goat, he always tells me no, no, no, hahahaha
we are very much alike!! I hope we can meet one day!
xoxo Olga