National cat day

Hello friends!
As all cat lovers know 29 October is National cat day!

I was recently inspired by Cotopaxi to raise awareness for cats in shelters. Since we are teaming up with them, their backpacks are able to make the biggest impact. A portion of all their sales go to world poverty initiatives and this month they are teaming up with local animal shelters!

Coffee I got as christmas gift from my hubby.
I always wanted to have siamese cat.
this is a she cat 

 Speedy I found on internet and
 I like her because of her mustache!
this is a she cat 

this little guy I found in backyard, he was eating food from our cats.
Oh you should see my face!
I was thrilled he came,I kept saying mini Stinky,mini Stinky.
My hubby was not thrilled at all.
but he stayed with us.
this is a he cat 

this cat me and Paola found in the creek.
someone didn't want him and throw him,poor cat.
he was so little and cute.
I don't understand such people.
So we saved him and give him home.
this is a he cat 

Crni (blacky)
this guy was abandoned by his mom.
Paola was so sad that he is alone and she start to
 feed him  and he come to live with us.
this is a he cat 

That's all my cats!
Slikovni rezultat

Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Have a meowy day! 

Happy crafting!



  1. Lovely photos of your fury family Fiki.

    B x

  2. Lovely photo's of your dear cats!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Oh, such lovely photos of your adorable fur babies Fiki..... Happy Cat Day :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. All of your kitties are so beautiful, Fiki!! They are lucky to have you!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Love the photos Fiki, all your kitties are gorgeous.

  6. Hallo liebe Kitty,
    ich liebe Katzen ja sehr und bei uns ist auch gerade ein Katzenbaby eingezogen,so das unser Amanie nicht mehr so allein ist,da wir ja unseren Odin verloren haben,Deine Karten sehen aber auch toll aus,
    glg ulrike

  7. I love seeing them all in one post, Fiki! You have beautiful kitties! I enjoyed reading how they all came to be with you. Happy World Cat Day! I have not heard of Cotopaxi but it sounds like a very worthwhile cause!

  8. Beautiful kitties, Fiki - so lovely to 'meet' them and hear how they came into your life! x

  9. Love all your dear cats and it was nice hearing their stories. I got Cindy the Siamese because she was my nephew's but he is a drug addict and couldn't keep her. The person watching her was just going to throw her into this lady's yard. She said that lady likes cats. I took Cindy. I was visiting from out of state, so I took her back to my state and my house. She's a nice cat.
    PJ from US, princessjudy4 @

  10. Fur babies everywhere, love them.xx

  11. I never get tired of hearing about everyone's cats and it is especially wonderful to hear their stories!! Thank you, Fiki, for being their mommy. They are lucky to be in your family!!

    Thanks so much for making a special World Cat Day post!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  12. Sve bi ih knudlala hhihi sve odreda, al znaš kaj jest da je mini na stinkija ali crni je isti on, isti stav ko reinkarnacija hihi...
    ♥Pozdrav Valentina♥

  13. What a gorgeous bunch of fur babies! Thanks so much for all your fun and fabulous posts this week and for the love left on my blog as well! (USA - dcomer1 gmail)

  14. AWE! Such lovely photos of your kitties! :) Happy National Cat day my friend! MEOW!!

  15. How wonderful! I love your kitty family!

  16. Your cats are all just beautiful, Fiki! Love hearing the sweet stories of how they joined your family. xxD

  17. You and your family are wonderful people Fiki! it is so important to take care of abandoned animals! When I was living in Greece, we had rescued 15 cats, they were living in our garden and we had made small box homes for them. We spayed all of them and after a while we found homes for all of them.
    xoxo Olga


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