Aug 14, 2016

sunday favorites

Hello friends
hope you all are fine and making something nice !
I'm fine, I will not complain LOL!
I'm here with you to share my sunday favorites.

I want this!
I said to my hubby that I have idea and he sad to me ;no! 
no more ideas from you please !!

wow this is wonderful

think my cats would love this
Meow love it! #diy #cat #bed:

maybe if I say pretty please to my hubby he will make me this!
Ok now I know that is stupid idea :D
but I'm dreamer...

we start to make fence.
 I hope it will be done very soon.
it will be big fence so cats can not go outside.

And look what my hubby made for me!
I was helping him very hard and he made me this storages!
Isn't he great!?

those are three separate storages.
I think I need more markers and pens,and maybe few ink pads.
maybe I will order them from ebay :D
I like ebay,it have cheap stuff for me.
only problem is that they are from China and
I must wait 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Thank you for visiting my blog today!
Have a nice day! 
Happy crafting!
🐈 Fiki  🐈


  1. Wonderful photos! Good luck with your fence project my friend! :)

  2. Some wonderful photographs and loving the idea's for the kitties :)
    Linda xxx

  3. Idem redom heeh
    1 slika, prezakon za mica mace, makar ona koju si mi pokazala za sebe bila bi bolja za sve tvoje mica mace hihih
    2 slika, savršena za tvoj balkon i kad ti ja dođem na kavicu, hahah več nas po zimi vidim ogrnute poplunima kak pijemo kavicu hahah bitno da smo na balkonu :D
    3 slika, hehe to na buvljaku gledat hihi
    4 slika je raj i bilo bi jako lijepo to imat u dvoru, prava oaza...
    5 slika, jedva čekam da vidim ogradu hehe baš se veselim...
    i 6 slika, auuuuu kak super al zaslužila si, naradila si se :*
    ♥Pozdrav Valentina♥

  4. Love all of these!! I want that pool, too!! Wow!! And the storage shelves your hubby made for you are fabulous!! Good luck with the fence!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. What gorgeous idea Fiki - I love all the Cat things and that pool is gorgeous :-) The fence will be so good for your kitties :-) xxxx

  6. I think your hubby could make you the marker holder Fiki...easy to do...I also hope Valentina will share the stamps with you..xx {aNNie}

  7. I know my kitty would love all the cat things you have pictured. Awesome job by your hubby!

  8. You have some great favourites, Fiki! My favourite is the first item! I would love something like this for our cats! I know they would love it! Your fence looks great and it will be good to get it finished! I LOVE the craft storage that Mario made for you! It's perfect! I know what you mean about ordering from China - I order from there too (cheap prices!) but it can take over a month to arrive here. I'm used to being patient! Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, dreams, and ideas! I love those kitty ideas, and the pool is GORGEOUS! May some of your dreams come true. hugs, de

  10. I love the storage units your hubby did make for you. They are nice and will hold a lot of things. Now then you just need to get your hubby to make you that cat tree! And build you that pretty pond.


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