May 17, 2016

my birthday

here is some photos from my birthday.
it was strange day but that is a long story
at the end everything was ok.

 the cake made Paola

 my sister was very emotional when she read Paola card for me

Paola and me

me and my nephew


my brother and me

 my sister and me

 my nephew

I didn't have any birthday party
to be honest don't care about that,never had  birthday party as a kid,
didn't have friends...
here is my sister, dear neighbor,Paola and mother in law

from my neighbor

from Paola

first gift was from my hubby
he gave me new computer 
he said that he can not take any more of my yelling on computer and that I was driving him crazy.
i don't yell anymore haha
my old is in Paola's room :D 

we bought this shirt together before few months and 
I say to hubby that he will give me on my birthday with a card.
cards are very important to me.
more then any gifts,except gift is a cat :D LOL
and I forget about this shirt,
I was so surprised when he gave me shirt
I forget things,so many times...

and he gave me this little bird finch
he is out because I wanted to pet him and then Mario was like :are you crazy??
do you want Coffee eat him??
this is unique color of bird.
lady in the shop said that white are very rare.
I named him....... Ike :D

from my sister

this silly gifts are from my brother.
He think it will be funny if he give me this.

this is from Elaine
thank you

from Ike 
thank you

from Mojca
thank you!

from Brenda
thank you

from Margaret
thank you

Thank you all for cards!
I love them all!
they all have special place in my room.

Thank you for visiting my blog today!

Have a nice day! 


*Vicki* said...

Looks like you have a wonderful birthday!! Glad you had fun! :)

cotnob said...

You had a wonderful collection of gifts and cards Kitty, you are very lucky to have a new computer.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Happy Birthday, how lovely to have a new computer x

Elaine said...

How fab a new computer ! Great photos looks like you had a lovely day xx

Judith said...

Looks like you had a lovely birthday and a fabulous new computer too! - i'm glad you had a lovely day hugs Judith x

Lisa said...

Happy birthday, Fiki!! It looks like a wonderful celebration!! The pictures are fabulous!! What a beautiful cake Paola made!! It looks delicious!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Granmargaret said...

You did have a party with your family. Thank you for sharing the photos. Lovely cake and gifts.
Glad you had a happy birthday.

Valerija said...

Sve najbolje. Dobila si predivne čestitke i poklone.
Valerija xx

brenda said...

Thank you for sharing your Birthday photos Fiki, it's looks like you had a good time with your family.

B x

ike said...

YaY !!! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos Fiki and I am glad your day went well in the end :-D You had some fabulous gifts..... I might have to come and fight you for the kitty shirts !!! Hahahaha :-D
The little bird is sooooo cute and I am honoured that you named him Ike !! How amazing :-D xxxxxxx
Paola did you proud with that superb cake - she is so clever.
Much love and many more Birthdays. :-D
Lots of hugs,
IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Olga Fink said...

It looks like you had a great birthday Fiki! great pictures and it's so nice to get to know you better! your presents are also great!
Happy Birthday again!
xoxo Olga

Tinka's paper wonderlland said...

aUUU, SUPER ROĐENDAN!!, iMAŠ PTIĆICUUUUUUUUUU super jeeee, preslatka :) majce su zakon a poklon od Jasmina hihihi :D
I super za laptop, baš mi je drago da se ne mučiš više ;)
♥Pozdrav Valentina♥

KarinsArtScrap said...

Fiki I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.
See that you had a great time and beautiful present and cards.
Fabulous pictures.

gr karin

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my gosh, those mugs from your brother are such a scream. It looks like you have a great time even if it was a strange day. My birthday this year was strange too. Maybe it is the year for odd birthdays.