Feb 11, 2016

pocket letters

Today I will share with you pocket letters that Paola made for swap.
She saw that I get pocket letters and she wanted to.
So I made for her sleeve that she can make swap.
Here it is her pocket letters.

She made this one and ....
...she recived this one 
Paola was thrilled with this pocket letters.

and she made this one and she still waiting for her kid partner 
sent to her pocket letters

Some of you asked me how I made those sleeves.
I was sew one on the sewing machine but because is slippery is very hard to do sew it.
So I saw in the store very cheap wood burning tool.
I bought it and with that is very easy to make those sleeves.
Here is the video of how I made them.


  1. Nice to see Paola is crafting along with you Fiki.

    B x

  2. Super je to Paola napravila!!!
    Video je odličan, ja sam probala al sve skroz naopako haha, hvala ti na videu sad ću ja to isprobati kako se spada hihih :)
    ♥Pozdrav Valentina♥

  3. Superb work !
    Paola is very creative too !
    Thanks for the video, i learn how to make a pocket letter, it's fine !!! xx

  4. Paola has done an amazing job on her Pocket Letters! She is talented like her mother! Watched your video - it's brilliant! Thank you for showing how you made the PL holder - you are awesome!

  5. These are so gorgeous Kitty, well done Paola. Great idea to make the pockets too.

    Donna x

  6. Those pockets seem to have gone up in price lately, probably because they are so populare. You are so good and creative to figure out how to make them on your own!

  7. Paola did a fabulous job!! Her pocket letters look amazing!! So creative to make your own pockets!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Looks great Fiki. Well done Paola.

  9. Well done Paola, fab creation!! Love your video too Fiki!!
    Hugs Donna xx
    Kraftyscot Handmade Crafts

  10. Oh WoW !!! Paola has made such wonderful things :-) I am so glad she enjoys crafting too. Super idea to make the pocket letters - thank you :-)

    IKE xx

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  11. Such an awesome pocket letter Paola!! Well done! Smiles.

    Fiki a lovely video too. Thank you.xx

  12. Pocket letters are so fun! These are both awesome! Sending HUGS! :) Mynn xx


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