Feb 9, 2016


Hello friend
today it was here in Kalinovac carnival.
Something like halloween but in february.
Paola's grade was fitness instructors.
And after school she went in neighborhood for candys.

She wanted to be cat.
So I spent all my eyeliner for her cat face.
no more makeup for me !
Here is the photos of carnival!

and you know what? 
I found for that cute puppy a home,good home.
The ladies who came from puppy bring some food for our cats and dog.
they are so kind
Puppy goes to Germany! Imagine that !
He will be checked with vet and get all he need.
I miss him already,but I know he will get good care

7 komentari:

Tinka's paper wonderlland said...

Super su fotke!! Super mi je Paola ko mica maca!!
Drago mi je da peso ode u dobre ruke i super baš od njih kaj su ti donjele hranu za mice mace :)
♥Pozdrav Valentina♥

KT Fit Kitty said...

Yay, you found a home for the puppy! That's great! Your festival looks like fun! Paola looks so cute as a kitty! Have fun!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That carnival looks like a lot of fun. Paola's makeup is purrfect! That is so nice you found a home for that puppy.

Lisa said...

What adorable pictures!! Paola looks so beautiful in her cat makeup!! You did a fabulous job!! I's so glad you found a home for the sweet puppy!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

brenda said...

Lovely photos Fiki, thank you for sharing with us all.

B x

Karen said...

Oh wow honey!
Such a lovely blog post!! Paola's make up looks superb. And it all looks like so much fun. And Yay!! On finding a good home for that cute lil' pup! Smiles.xx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Super fotke I maske