Jan 24, 2016

sunday favorites

Hello friends!
It is sunday and time for sunday favorites!
this time I will share my favorite time that I spend with my frind.

We met our friend and her daughter.
They loved gifts from us!
I crochet a ladybug and made card and Paola made snowman from sock but I forget to take picture.
Here is lady bug.

We had so much fun time and I did not 't wanted to be all time behind camera and taking pictures.
I wanted to spend time with my friend.
I take some pictures,some take my friend.

I never ever been in this big city,never been in Zagreb.
Yes Croatia is very small country but you see I didnt been never in capital city.
Zagreb is capital city of Croatia,and is big,very big.
Have many malls and stores.
Some of stores are so expensive.
We find one or two that had some amazing discounts and Paola and me bought some stuff while we waiting to our friend arrived.

We take a look at the mall,take some photos,drink coffee and juice.
Then our friend take us to lake and it was so amazing walk.
We all enjoy it.
My friend take us to some yummy lunch.
We was asked to come in Ireland with them.
Oh for me it is not problem and Paola would like to go but my hubby is not very happy about that idea.
He doesn't like changes but he knows that here in Croatia is very hard to live.
Who knows what future will bring...
we had so wonderful spent time.
I will remember this time always!

I put all photos in video

I got this scraf from my friend.

this we bought while we waiting our friend to arrive.
this is for Paola

This is for me
you see -cats!
it say ¨"be different" and all cats are serious except one that smiling

we find craft store in the mall while we walking.
and we go to see what they have.
they have very pretty but expensive stuff and they show some cheap ones
haha guess which one I bought??
yes the cheap ones! but you will see they are cute!

 this I got from my friend

 this I got from Paola for mothers day
she gave me now but I wanted to wait to open it
Paola say I must  open now

this I got from hubby, actually he just paid it haha
this is something like tim holtz ink applicator but very cheap.
and stamps with cats

this is white gel pen!
I have it  finally!
and this is regular dark red marker or pen...

see you my friends!


  1. Lovely things Fiki and I am glad that you had a super journey and you are back safe :-)

    IKE xx

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  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip!! What awesome goodies you brought back with you!! Beautiful pictures, too!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Great photos and glad you got some great craft items xx

  4. Wow, Fiki, I enjoyed looking at your photos! Looks like you had such a fun trip with your friend. I am glad you got some goodies! They are all so cute! I enjoyed seeing what you bought and what you made for your friend and the scarf she gave to you! You will miss her! I enjoyed seeing your kitties too! Hope your neck is starting to feel better!

  5. Fiki, It looks like you had a very fun trip and got to do and see lots of great things. It is so nice to be able to spend time with friends!

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