Jan 26, 2016

meet Crowley

Hello my friends!
yesterday I got a new friend!
His name is Crowley!
oh and he is super cute!

Ok it's time to meet my new friend!

Did I  forget to say that Crowley is a fish!

Here Coffee want to meet Crowley

Do you like my new friend?
I like him! 


  1. The cat loves the fish ;-)
    It's Crowley like in Supernatural ? :-))
    Superb shots ! xxx

  2. Super je skroz, i Crowley i kućica i sve!!

  3. Your new friend is adorable!! I love his aquarium!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Hello Crowley, lovely to meet you. You have a very nice home now, wishing you a long and healthy life, lots of hugs, Marion

  5. So cute, Fiki! I like your new fish! Hello, Crowley! Be careful that Coffee doesn't try to put his paw into the fishtank, like they do!

  6. Oooo imaš zlatnu ribicu...ispunit če ti 3 želje koje imaš....Samo pazi, da neče imat tvoja mica maca fish večeru.

  7. Coffee definitely wants to meet Crowley! My cats were very interested in our fish until they learned that fish live in water. They they weren't so interested anymore.


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