Jan 8, 2016


Hello my friends
I'm still very bad with my neck ,I was at doctor yesterday and he gives me a injection and he said that I must come today and tomorrow.
Oh 3 days of injections,don't like it.
I hope that injections will help me.
Yesterday I can't even move my head but today is little better so tomorrow I hope I will be same old me and visit you all.
I really don't know how to be sick or be in rest.
When I was going to doctor I took some pictures of snow and my hubby said that I'm crazy,what I torture myself but I just LOVE snow!
Oh it is so beautiful!
Will share pictures  soon with you.

I would like to thank  Vicki for very beautiful card
 that I got yesterday.
Thank you!


  1. Cure card Fiki.

    Hope the injections work. I've been in hospital for more in my spine this week and they do seem to help.

    B x

  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry you're feeling ill my friend!! Hope the injections will work for you! Take care!! So sorry my card was late, I was late sending them out and I know people overseas took extra time! Hope you like it sweetie!! Feel better soon!! HUGS

  3. Hope you feel better soon sweetie, lots of hugs, Marion

  4. Hope you are feeling better real soon especially so you don't have to have those nasty needles.

  5. I had in the post the most Amazing Card Thankyou so much it is sitting on my coffee table to be admired by all who visit. Hoping you had a Wonderful Christmas and New Year. I am going to be better at commenting this year so watch out.

  6. I hope your neck is feeling much better soon. Ick on the injections, but if they help, they will be worth it. Thinking of you. What a sweet card you received!! Feel better my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Oh I do hope your neck is better soon, I had a 'frozen shoulder' some years back and could not move my head/neck hardly at all and the pain was intense. I had to have several weeks of physio which hurt worse than the original pain, but they did do the job. So I can feel for you really and hope you can get some relief *hugs* xx

  8. Oh dear - sorry to hear you are having horrid injections but I really hope they work and you feel better soon xxxx
    Lovely card you got and I love that little kitty playing in the snow at the top here :-D

    Healing hugs

    IKE xxx

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  9. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that your neck is still giving you so many troubles. I hope the injections have you hopping around in no time. Cute card, by the way.

  10. Fingers crossed that your neck will be better after the injections. Take care xxxx

  11. Drži mi se draga, mora krenut na bolje inače ja i dalje velim da moraš više dobit na lotu pa da nas dvije odemo u neko spa odmaralište :D
    ♥Pusek Tinka♥

  12. Cute card from your friend! I wish your neck would get better! Sending healing hugs!


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