Oct 10, 2015

special request

This monday I have not have my favorites to share with you.
I have special request.

I was wondering if somone can send to my daughter a card.
She is Paola and she is 12.
 all her friends are stop to play with her because we are not catholics. 
I tried to explain her that isn't her fault but she is still kid and doesn't understand.
I was thinking if someone send her card maybe she will not be so sad.
I think that is wrong and it does not matter who is what religion.
 I teach my daughter to not judge other people like they did with her. 
When I was a kid a had the same problem just like her.No friends.
 I can't watch her crying over someone who doesn't deserve her tears. 
One of her school friend had a birthday party and Paola was convinced that she will be invited.
 She even bought her a gift but she but she wasn't invited.
 Paola was asking this girl whay and she told her because we dont go in church. 
She is very smart and good kid. 
If anybody wants to send her a card I know she will be very happy. 

Mail me for address (it's on the sidebar)

See you my friends

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13 komentari:

Tinka's paper wonderlland said...

Očekuj ovaj ili idući tjedan definitivno od mojih pismo :*

Veerle said...

So sorry for Paoloa I have send you an email Kitty.
Tell her not to cry over these girls they just are not worth it.
Hugs Veerle

Milka Gubo said...

Bez riječi sam. Pišemo se...

Marianne's Craftroom said...

This is so sad, have emailed you xx

brenda said...

I am very happy to send Paola a card Fiki, I will look through my basket to see what would be nice for her.

B x

Mojca BOŽIČ said...

I ja nemam rječi....ja sam čisti ateist,ne vjerujem u ništa, moja deca isto....pa što???....zar smo zato loši ljudi....ne mogu da vjerujem. Ja tako nešto nisam nikad doživjela, pa dobro znaš da nas ima u Sloveniji svako jakih.....
Imam tvoju adresu....ne brini, ima nas puno, stavičemo tvoju Paolu u dobro razpoloženje.bok

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Girls can be so mean at that age. Tell Paola they aren't worth being sad over. The best revenge is living a happy life. I sent you an email.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Poor girl, I remember how hard it was to be that age. So sorry she's having troubles. I will send her a card.

ike said...

That is just awful !!! :-( Why can't people just live and get on with their lives. It makes me soooooo mad :-( Sending lots of love and hugs to Paola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

cebelica said...

To pa res ni lepo. :( Upam, da bo kmalu našla nove prijatelje. Če mi zaupaš naslov, ji bom jaz tudi poslala voščilnico. :)


Bad Kitty said...

Thank you all
you are very kind

aussie aNNie said...

Hi Fiki, I am Catholic, treat people with love and respect and those that have treated Paola badly are not real Catholics....they are evil....not worth the words written about them. You have my email addy, I have put your address 'somewhere' safe but can't find it....please email it again...this time I will write it down...
hugs, aNNie
Thank you for your kind words too.xx

Lisa said...

I agree with Annie...I am Catholic but I have never, nor would I discriminate against anyone else because of their beliefs. I am so sorry for your daughter to have to go through with this. As soon as I can get back in my craft room, I will work on a card for her.

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