Oct 26, 2015

monday favorites

I'm here to share with you my monday favorites!
Last monday I didn't share because my sister came and we spend all day together.
It was fun.
so let's begin with my favorites

I need this brush!
but I's too expensive here.( about 100$)

I saw this on youtube and it is great tool
and  of course we don't have it here in Croatia


great idea

I think I must go in shopping on my favorite store Ebay!
here is my collection of inks
Some of them are dry
I know that is ebay and isn't good but is ok for me and my low budget

Look what I got!
It was very hard to get this year pumpkin for halloween.

I wanted to make this for halloween

See you my friends
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8 komentari:

Tinka's paper wonderlland said...

jao, jao i ja bi onaj fuse i trakice i nove pečate tj boje hihi, ideje su super tj ono za cveče, a tikvanja hihi treba malo u šetnju po poljima hihihi, sve u svmu bilo bi fora da napraviš mace od tikvanja ;)

KT Fit Kitty said...

I like seeing your Monday favourites! I would love to have the Fuse Tool too! It's been on my wish list ever since I first saw it a few months ago! I love making shaker cards and it's awesome for that! I can't afford it either! I am glad you are finding some great inks on ebay! I like the colours of inks you have! I don't shop there much because of the high shipping. Your pumpkin looks so cute! I hope you make the black cat from the pumpkin and share it with us - it's so cute!

Bad Kitty said...

Hi Kitty
I buy on ebay only from China
they have no shipping! It is free!

ike said...

Great ideas this week Fiki - I LUV those plant ideas :-)
I hope you can find another pumpkin so that you can make a kitty :-D xxxxxxxxxxx

Lisa said...

I love all of your favorites!! I have the In Styler and love it!! It totally straightens my naturally curly hair. Those kitty pumpkins are awesome!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love what you've shared with us today. That brush looks like it would make hair styling easy. I was going to put some kitty ears on my pumpkin but I forgot to do it. There is still time. Mine wouldn't have looked as nice as the ones you shared.

*Vicki* said...

So cool!! I do love that flower pot wall!! That is very clever and pretty!! ;) I have that fuse tool and really need to make me some shakers with it!! Perhaps a video would be fun too!!

Bad Kitty said...

yes Vicki make video! I love your videos!