Aug 17, 2015

monday favorites

Hello my dear friends
Monday favorites are here!
Hope you like them 

My hubby told me that I should find sizzix machine online to buy it .
my piggy bank is half full.
I cant find it..
don't know where to look that they send to Croatia and postage isn't too high.
I hope that for three-four months I will have enough to buy machine. before christmas.
It doesn't have to be sizzix machine.
I was watching machines and sizzix is now gray.
bla.. dont like it. blue one is was so pretty and now nowhere to find it. ok maybe in time when I have enough money it will be red. red is my color
here is my piggy bank,half full

Ok on to my favorites..
this flowers are very cheap
I find them on ebay
e bay is very cheap with some things
that are very expensive in craft shops  

50pcs $4

 50pcs $3.99

lily is my favorite flower


I need this
I start to make cat mini album
very cute charms
30pcs $3

10 pcs $1.5

25pcs $1

And my favorite creation
 of my blog friend this time is from Linda

See you my friends 
Take care ღ

6 komentari:

JenniferD said...

Wow what a Great Card Gorgeous Colours can't wait for Summer!

*Vicki* said...

These are all so pretty!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Such great things... all those lovely flowers, charms and ribbon. Hopefully you can find the perfect machine when the time is right!

Linda said...

Love those charms, can't wait to see your finished mini album, it sounds lots of fun :) thank you so much for choosing my card as one of your Monday favourites! :) xx

ike said...

I am glad that your Piggy Bank is getting full :-)
There are some interesting things on eBay, but you must take care that many of these cheap things come from CHINA and often do not arrive and then you lose your money !!!!
It also takes a very long time for them to come :-(

IKE xxxxxxxxxxx

Bad Kitty said...

I really don't know where else to buy this kind stuff.
Here is very expensive.
Yes I know that take a time but arrive,
I didn't get one time my item but they returned me my money so that is covered.