Jun 20, 2015


Hello :iconrainbowsheep2:

 I will share with you my favorites!
I saw this cute wallet on e bay.
I like the black one!
I love it! 
But because our wedding is soon I can not afortited now! 
and afkors I don't have mony to put in  wallet LOL!

And I saw this markers.
I don't have money for copics,spectrum or other better known brands.
So I'm planning to buy this ones before christmas! hehe
I was finishing my card for my Dt and I realized that half of my copics that my hubby was bought me before some times are empty.
he bought me 12 basic colors because they are so expensive
I'm going to color with wooden pencils for some time, till Christmas

Other day I saw cat similar to this one in my neighborhood.
I tried to take picture of her but I was too slow.

And I will share with you my favorite work from my lovely blog friends that I follow.
This is from Elaine.
I really like how she is make this mixed media.
You can  visit her blog here.

Ok my friends this was my favorites for this weekend.



  1. Very nice! Don't worry - you are not alone! I cannot afford all the crafty items I wan either! I don't have any Copics and I would love to try them but they are definitely not in my budget! I colour with pencils too - or watercolour.

    Your friend's frame is very pretty! The cat is so unusual looking! I love the wallet too! The wedding is getting closer and you must be getting excited! Have a great weekend!

  2. Very nice, I love it.♥ Have a nice day Kitty

  3. What lovely favourites. That cat is gorgeous x

  4. Such a pretty wallet - I would like one of those too :-)
    Gorgeous frame and that is a fabulous kitty :-D
    You must be very excited about the Wedding ... when is it to be ?? :-D

    IKE in Greece xoxoxox

  5. Oh yes - sorry I knew already... I remember is in my book :-D xxxxx

  6. Aww just seen you have featured me Fiki. A lovely thing to do, I have some pens I don't use anymore. I will see if I can post them over to you xx

  7. Kitty I have also used those pens and they are actually fabulous to use. So have fun once you have purchased them. Love Elaine's frame too.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  8. I love my Copic markers. You can refill them when they get empty, except for you have to buy the refills. Do any of your friends have refills they could put some ink in your markers for you. I love those wallets you found. I had to laugh that if you bought one you would have no money to put in it. Isn't that the truth?!

  9. Cann't wait to see what you do with pencils.


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