Jun 5, 2015


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Today I want to share with you this little shelf.
I made it myself yesterday.
I'm so happy!
My hubby and brother was working in the workshop.
They was making some doors and windows.
So I came to bring them drinks and I saw leftovers from wood.
And I say to my hubby :I have an idea!
He say: yes afkors you have!
So he left me to do this shelf.
It's small shelf only 20*20cm.
I give it to Paola because she was so amazed that I make it my self.
Today I have even bigger ideas but hush....
Ok my dear friends I wish you all lovely day.


  1. wow, this is fantastic, looking forward to your next project, lots of hugs, Marion

  2. Well done you :-) Is it going to be a crafting desk next then ??? !! :-D

    IKE xx

  3. Cute shelf! You are very crafty! I wouldn't even know where to begin with woodworking!

  4. A fabulous shelf Kitty, very clever,

  5. I see! You started with a smaller shelf first and then made the bigger one for you desk. It is very nice.


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