May 23, 2015

Paola's birthday

Hello my friends
Thank you all for your nice comments to get better.
Im ok for now :) but sure after some crafty things that Im going to made my arm it will start to hurt again.
Enough about me.

Here in Kalinovac is raining.
Yesterday was Paola's birthday.
Paola will have birthday party for her friends on 30 may.
I will give her another gift on her party.because I forget give it yesterday
She is 12 now.
Oh,oh 12?? how times fly.
She is big now,Bigger than me :)
I was watching some photos from last year that we take on her birthday she was smaller than me but this year she is bigger!
Ok I'm small, my hight is 153 cm.

 This is we on Paola's birthday

dad and his big daughter

mom and Paola
big Paola 

Paola like New York and SAD.
She wants to go in statue of liberty.
because that is impossible
We both her this sunglasses on phone cover

 Paola and her best friend

Grandma,grandpa,dad Paola and Paola's friend Alisa
I'm on other side of camera

you know how is raining when it's started to liking in my craft room.
In all house liking only in my room.

I start to make some mustaches  for Paola's party
Coffee was my model.
She don't like my idea

do you see how she looks me?


  1. Sve najbolje i Paoli. Divni ste. čao

  2. Sve najljepše želim Paoli :D lp

  3. what lovely photo's Kitty.
    glad you are feeling a little better.

    Gr Karin

  4. Sve dobro zelim Paoli.:)
    Lp, Martina

  5. Lovely photos. Thank you for all your comments on my blog.

  6. Fabulous photos and I hope she had a good day. So sorry about the water in your room !!!! I hope you fix it soon.
    I am surprise the kitty did not attack you later when you sleep hahaha :-D


    IKE in Greece xxxx

  7. Happy Birthday to Paola! Looks like she had a fun day! You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your photos! I don't think Coffee enjoyed playing dress up this time! So sorry about your leaky ceiling! Unfortunately we had the same problem in our house in March due to a flash-freeze ice dam on our roof that melted. It leaked in several rooms and it was heartbreaking. We are still waiting to hear from the insurance company. I hope you are able to get yours fixed soon, and I hope you didn't lose any of your crafty goodies. Sending hugs.

  8. Great photos . Glad you had a good time. Hope the leak isn't too bad xx

  9. I'm still laughing over Coffee modeling that mustache. She was not pleased with that at all. I love that photo of the sideways kitty looking out the window at the rain. I'm so sad about your leaking roof. That can cost so much to fix and really disrupt things. I hope it goes smoothly getting it fixed. Happy Day to Paola! I enjoyed seeing the photos of you and your family celebrating. It looks like happy times were had.

  10. Prekrasna vabila na vjenčanje
    sve mi se sviđa,
    a kada je D DAY
    sve dobro iz srca ti želim
    pusa Tamara


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