May 7, 2015


Today I'm very sad.
I wanted to buy some crafty goodies, my hubby say that will be my gift for birthday.
But unfortunately my friend buy it for her self.
I told her that it's supposed to be my birthday gift from my husband.
But she didn't care.
I'm so sad and disappointed...


  1. Don't be sad. Something better will come up.

  2. Maybe it will ,but i wanted this so much

  3. So sorry that your friend did this! Maybe she will share with you? If not, I think your hubby will get you something even better for your birthday! Please don't be sad! Sending joyful wishes your way!

  4. Don't be sad kitty - you will find something you love even more : ) xx

  5. I was just thinking how close your birthday is (but not as close as mine, which is tomorrow). I've been hoping for some crafty things too. I hope you get everything you want and then some more. Maybe your friend will share with you? Don't be sad, good things are coming! And you have the cutest kitten to cuddle with.

  6. What is it you wanted so badly my friend...tell aNNIe.xx

  7. Hello Annie
    I wanted clear alphabet stamps and border stamps


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