May 29, 2015

exciting news

Hello my friends.
I hope that you all are ok.
I have new email address.
The old one was hacked or something so I must open new e mail.
I try everything to log and recover old mail but no success.
So my dear friends here is my new mail:

I have some exciting news that I want share with you.
I become a DT member of 
 My Whimsical Little World.
This is first time for me to be design team member.
I'm so happy for this opportunity.
I'm sure that I will enjoy in my Dt.

All other ladies in Dt are very nice and kind.
They are very helpful to me and have patient till I learn how to be Dt.
You can visit etsy shop here.

Today I was very,very busy.
I get up really early.
Tomorrow it's party for Paola's birthday.
Hers birthday was on 22 may.
But tomorrow is party.
I made a cake,cleaned all house and other stuff.
I made this mustache for kids ,me and my sister and friend.
See you soon with some photos of Paola's cake and other photos that I will take.

Big hugs my friends

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May 25, 2015

my wedding invitations and...

Cats  Cats

Hello my friends.
After 13 years my husband and I decide to get married this year.
My parents past away so on my wedding it's going to be only my sister and brother.

We planning to have wedding 15.07. on our anniversary.
We going to have small,very small wedding.
Only 10 people with us.
We invite only our family and best friends of us.
 I decide to do invitations for them.

 I hide text so my friends and family can't see what I wrote.
It's a surprise.

Today I got my birthday gift from my only friend.
Isn't amazing my gift?!
This glasses are for my hubby and me for our wedding day.
I Love them!

I order this topper for our cake.
My topper is made but is in France so I must wait when lady come in Croatia (she has relatives here) so she will send me my topper on end of this month.
It's going to be small cake.
Do you like my topper?
I love them!

May 23, 2015

Paola's birthday

Hello my friends
Thank you all for your nice comments to get better.
Im ok for now :) but sure after some crafty things that Im going to made my arm it will start to hurt again.
Enough about me.

Here in Kalinovac is raining.
Yesterday was Paola's birthday.
Paola will have birthday party for her friends on 30 may.
I will give her another gift on her party.because I forget give it yesterday
She is 12 now.
Oh,oh 12?? how times fly.
She is big now,Bigger than me :)
I was watching some photos from last year that we take on her birthday she was smaller than me but this year she is bigger!
Ok I'm small, my hight is 153 cm.

 This is we on Paola's birthday

dad and his big daughter

mom and Paola
big Paola 

Paola like New York and SAD.
She wants to go in statue of liberty.
because that is impossible
We both her this sunglasses on phone cover

 Paola and her best friend

Grandma,grandpa,dad Paola and Paola's friend Alisa
I'm on other side of camera

you know how is raining when it's started to liking in my craft room.
In all house liking only in my room.

I start to make some mustaches  for Paola's party
Coffee was my model.
She don't like my idea

do you see how she looks me?

May 20, 2015


Hello my friends.
I'm not well today but this I must share with you.
Mailman bring me little package yesterday.
My birthday gift from my very dear and kind friend Elaine.
I would like to say many thanks to you.
You make me so happy.
I can't wait to do some cards with my new stamps.

This is what I got from Elaine

May 18, 2015

pretty birthday gift box

Enjoy even the small moments that life has to offer...Hello Friends!
 I wanted to share this box with you.
I made this box also for my sister's birthday.
This year I decided to make all gifts my self ,for her.
No buying gifts from store.
I hope she will like it.
I hope that I will not forget where I put all her gifts !
My arm giving me trouble so it's going to be short post.

Have a nice day!
 See you soon...

I used wooden box,punch butterfly,charms,paper,resin hearts,ribbons,flowers,rhinestones,tim holtz clips,paper tag,lace
rest is from my stash
This is Tiptoe Tilda

 I would like to enter  in these challenges:

Tilda's Town 22.05.

love to scrap 31.05.

the paper shelter 19.05. (I have 3 charm)

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Noor design 31.05.

Live and love crafts  31.05. (inspired by a picture number 4)

Lias tampz (embossed green branch) 31.05.

May 15, 2015

recipe box

Hello my friends
I made this recipe box for my sister for her birthday.
She's birthday is in june. (On 15 june.)
Little early for making  birthday gifts but I like to be prepared.
I don't like doing anything last minute.
Last year I buy some books for my sister's birthday and I hide them from her because she was living with us for some while.
And I forget where I hide the books.
Till today I didn't find them.
I spend hours and hours searching for the books but nothing.
Didn't find.
 See you soon my friends...
have a nice weekend!

I used box,flowers,embossed paper,butterfly,pearls and charm
rest is from my stash
This is Tilda with Burger

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