Apr 29, 2015

get well card

Today I wanted to share this card that I made for my sister.
She is in hospital from yesterday.
She must go on surgery today.
It's not scary surgery or big but it is surgery.
I hope that all will be fine and that she can go home soon.
We will go visit her in two days,when she's feeling better.
see you soon

 I would like to enter  in these challenges:

kitty bee 8.05.

polka doodle 8.05.

sister act  01.05.

love to scrap 05.05.

Apr 27, 2015


Hello my friends
Today I will share with you this cute card that I made.
I start to crochet little bag for Paola's birthday.
I think that bag will be sweet.
I will share with you when I finish the little bag.
Paola and I today was riding a bike through the forest.
It's a small forest.
see you soon.
I'm of to go finish sackboy for my hubby.
 I would like to enter  in these challenges:

 wags'n whiskers 30.04.

in the forest

This cute bee I got from Bianca.
I wanted to give this bee to Paola but my hubby say that I keep her.
So I hang the bee above my craft desk in my craft room.

Apr 25, 2015

birthday invitation

Good day my friends.
Here in Kalinovac is nice sunny day.
Before couple days I start to make invitation for Paola's birthday.
Shes birthday is on 22 may but I like to be prepared.
And because my arm is causing me trouble I must start earlier than usually.
Paola say that she want castle invitations.

And I start to crochet sackboy for my hubby.
You will see soon why.

This morning my hubby put mosquito net on my window.
This net is also protection for Coffee.
So she can't go out.
Do you see her face?
Like she saying but why??

Apr 23, 2015

Apr 21, 2015


Before couple of days I find this cute cat eating food off my black kitty.
thief cat :)
And you know how I love cats ,so I put one bowl for her.
This cat is going to have little kitties.
I think she is stray cat.

And today my husband and I was going in other city to  and we see some sheeps!
So I take picture of sheeps.

Apr 18, 2015


Hello my friends.
Today I will share with you this card.
I'm very tired so this gonna be small post.
See you soon my friends.

I made this bag for Paola

Apr 17, 2015

my furry friends

Have a Nice Day! Graphic

Hello my friends.
I wanted to share with you my furry friends.
They spend lovely day outside.
So I take some photos of them.
So many photos! 
Love my furry friends.