Mar 3, 2015


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Hello friends.
First I would like to all of you for your support.
Thank you so much. Viber sticker Blu and Mayo in Love 04524
 It means so much for me  Download Viber emoticon (heart)

In this days I was distracted myself with some projects.
I got this bags for decorated them.
I think they are cute.

I made for Paola bag, yes with cats!
And I made mobile bag for Paola's mobile.
I will be sharing other photos soon.

This is Paola's mobile bag

look Coffee and Stinky,so cute

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  1. hehehe, your cats look so cute with their new gooddies hehehe. Lovely mobile foon saver and lovely bags, lots of hugs. Marion

  2. Super si sve okrasila ;) mace su preslatke ;)

  3. Great makes and I love your kitties head wear :-D xxxxxxxxx

  4. Sve mi se dopada ali mace su mi ipak nekako najsladje :-)

  5. great and beautiful cards and projects Kiity
    Gr Karin

  6. Your bags look so cute! Glad you've been able to distract yourself with crafts. I do the same myself. Your kitties look so cute with the little hats! Take care of yourself in this sad time and I am sending more hugs your way.

  7. Hallo liebe Bad Kitty,
    die sehen aber toll aus,die mit der Katze finde ich besonders niedlich und deine beiden Katzen sehen mit ihrem Kopfschmuck aber sehr hübsch aus,
    glg ulrike

  8. Zelo lepo si okrasila vrečkice. Prav simpatične so! Tudi torbica za mobitel je super - zelo mi je všeč roza in črna kombinacija. Muci sta pa zeloooo luškani! :)
    Lepo se imej! :)

  9. Really fabulous makes here!! Love the butterflies! ;)

  10. what a cute and beautiful card Kitty and great phone covers
    Gr Karin

  11. Fabulous, nice to see you back, hope you are ok x


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