Mar 13, 2015

friday the 13th

I change my blog design and now comment box is on the top of blog post
Promijenila sam izgled bloga,opcija komentara je na vrhu posta.

Today is friday the 13.
For some people this is bad day but not for me.
I'm not superstitious.
And I have black cat too.
Ok. my friends see you soon.
I start to crochet easter bunny for Paola.
I hope that it will be nice bunny.

this is Blacky
Isn't he cute cat?


  1. Such lovely kitty cats you have and I LOVE your new web design :-D Gorgeous :-D

    IKE in Greece xxx

  2. baš su ti slatki ljubimci, veoma umiljati..
    Što s etiče petka 13 -ja u to ne vjerujem da je nesretan dan, jer veoma često se dešavalo da baš na taj dan mi se desi nešto mene su to inače tako reči-bapske priče, glupost je uopče vjerovati u nešto što je izmišljeno u narodu!
    Uglavnom sviđa mi se tvoj blog i samo tako nastavi i dalje, sretno za heklanim zesom, baš me zanima gotova kreacija! lp

  3. I sorry na greškama, sad uvidjeh koliko ih ima.. spava mi se več! lp

  4. Such cute photos of your kitties. Friday the 13th isn't unlucky to me either. In fact, I wanted to get married on one but hubby wouldn't do it so we got married on Sunday the 15th instead. Hubby said it was because that day I picked was his friend's birthday and he always had a big party and he didn't want to make people chose which event to go to. I think he was superstitious and didn't want to admit it!

  5. I always enjoy seeing photos of your kitties! Blacky is adorable! How many kitties do you have?

  6. the black cats are gorgeous, always love to look of pics from your cats, lots of hugs, Marion

  7. Love the Change on your Blog and your Kitties are Gorgeous!

  8. A lovely creation to kick start the week Kitty.

    B x

  9. Tilda is so funky in her cherise pink dress. Loving the design.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  10. Hallo liebe Kitty,
    die ist aber niedlich geworden,
    glg ulrike


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