Feb 6, 2015


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Hello friends!

I hope that you have a nice day.

I will share some photos of my kitty Coffee.

I have two more cats but they don't like to be photographed.

 she is so cute!

hiding from me and camera

trying to eat me !

she is stealing my yarn

Coffee doesn't know that she have yarn in mouth :) 

Here in Croatia is snowing.

I love snow.

snow in front of my house

my dog Ares is running in the yard

this is view from my craft room

I got this from Margaret

I was winner of Granmargaret's Blog 200 followers.

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  1. lovely pictures and congrats on your blogcandy Kitty
    Gr Karin

  2. Fun photos!! Winter fun and congrats on your winnings! ;)

  3. Congrats with your winnings. Beautiful cat, nice pictures.
    Snow is all gone here, we had sunshine today.
    Have a nice weekend, greetings, Veerle

  4. I enjoyed looking at photos of Coffee! What a pretty kitty! I laughed when Coffee didn't realize the yarn was in her mouth! Congrats on your prize that you won!

  5. Fabulous photos ! And congratulations on your win xx

  6. Lovely photos of your kitty Coffee and the snow at your house. We don't get any snow here in Sydney, Australia. My daughter sometimes has snow in the Blue Mountains where she lives. I hope that you are able to use the embossing folder and flowers plus the digi stamps I emailed to you. Thank you for all your comments on my blog. I chose that card for you as it had kittens on it.

  7. Great photos Kitty, thank you for sharing.

    Have a good weekend.

    B x

  8. Love your pictures....we have so much snow it's scarey....another ten inches tomorrow...thank you for your lovely comments they mean so much to me...love your blog....

  9. Love your pictures....we have so much snow it's scarey....another ten inches tomorrow...thank you for your lovely comments they mean so much to me...love your blog....

  10. Your cat is so very sweet and the snow looks really great. We have not much snow this year in Austria. It´s just cold and grey.
    Love your goodies too :-)
    Bianca XX

  11. Hallo liebe Bad Kitty,
    du hast ja eine ganz niedliche Katze,die gleiche habe ich auch zu Hause,sie liegt auch überall rum und mag es gern wenn man mit ihr spielt,
    glg ulrike

    1. danke

      I was learn deutsch in school I understand what you writing but I dont know how to to write correctly.
      my cat loves to play all the time :)
      she love feathers

  12. baš slatke mačkice, volim ih isto, a i pas ti je presladak..
    I kod nas ima snijega i to nekih 40-tak cm, jučer smo jedva progazili iz ulice sve nanosilo, super je što ga voliš , ja nevolim zimu a ni snijeg jer sam veoma zimogrozna ali što je tu je nek uživaju oni koji ga vole :D
    Puno te pozdravljam-klaudiya

    1. čak 40 cm snjega :)
      bude puno snjegovića :D

  13. Big hugs and congrats on your win from Margaret...also LOVE kitty and LOVE the pics of the snow....I dream of living in a country where I can see snow...hot here in australia at the moment.xxx

    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  14. thank you
    come to Croatia
    here is very nice but is hard for living...

  15. Ajme kak je luda Koffe, presuper ti je s njom a drugi put ti je kradem :P
    Snjeg haha znaš moje mišljenje skroz mi je bljakić :D al ovaj put ipak bilo mi je ćak i lijepo ga zmetati i sve je bijelo pa nekim čudom mi je baš ok :D
    Špota buš dobila!!! Nisi mi se pohvalila :P

  16. Zima je došla
    maca se igra
    a ti ustvaraš divne radove
    lp :)


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