Jan 11, 2015

MY Coffees first birthay

Hello Panda

Today is Coffees birthday.
First one.
I made her a card,yes a card for my cat. :)
My hubby said that Im crazy. So what.?
I love my cat.
And I bought for her special cat food.
I will share pictures with you.
It doesn't matter if you too think Im crazy,thats ok. :)
TodayI have visit my sister and her baby. Oh he's so cute.
Those picture I will post with cards that I made in  other post.
Have a nice evening.

I have took so many pictures of Coffee but I share only some.


  1. Beautiful cat and she likes her card ;-)

  2. Prelsatka je, i čestitka također, nego daj mi reci, jel barem malo podjelila klopu sa Stinkijem :D

    1. NIje baš,malo joj je uzeo pa je režala na njega

  3. Coffee is such a beautiful kitty! I think it's sweet that you made her a birthday card! I think she liked it! I also think she liked her special food! So did the other kitty LOL! I enjoyed seeing pics of Coffee!

    1. Thank you Karen.
      She likes her special food and Stinky wanted to.
      She let him to try food just a little bit .

  4. Čestitke tvojoj mici maci za 1.godinu života. Izgleda da se i njoj sviđa čestitka. Vrlo je fotogenična maca. čao

  5. Happy Birthday Coffee, your canopener is so lovely to treat you with special food and a card, you should be extra sweet to hear, lots of hugs, Marion

  6. A very quick visit Kitty, we've had no internet the last few days and sounds like it's going to be off again for server maintenance but just wanted to check on your latest makes and say hello.

    B x

    1. Hello Brenda!
      Hope you will have internet very soon.

  7. Oh such a beautiful cat and I am glad she had a card and a special present :-) Happy Birthday Coffee - even I am a little late :-)

    I find you from KT Fit Kitty blog and came to say hello :-)

    IKE in Greece xx

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  8. thank you for visiting me :)
    it's never late for birthday wishes :)


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