Jan 22, 2015


Hello my friends.
Coffee losing so many hair so I sneeze all the time and  itchy myself.(ok maybe is bad spelling,sorry)
I'm allergic of cats but I love them so much .

♥ ♥ 

Today is very happy day for me.
My hubby bought me new paper cutter.
It's big and very good.

This is my old cutter.
It's small,very small and I never cut straight with this small cutter.

What is this?


open already!

 box for me :)

 my  box

new paper cutter 

 This cookies made Paola,my daughter.
She's 11.
Cookies are very good.

I started to make crochet slippers for my nephew

see you my friends :) 

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KT Fit Kitty said...

Woohoo for you, Fiki! That is an impressive cutter! It looks like it will cut two different ways - both sliding blade and guillotine! I am envious! Your hubby gave you a wonderful gift! Let us know how you like it! Nice job on the cookies made by Paola! The little slipper looks cute too!

Granmargaret said...

Looks like a really good cutter

marion said...

hahaha, had to laugh about Coffee, same here box is for the cats hehehe. Have fun with your new cutter, looking forward reading your experience with it, The cookies look delicious on the pic and only 11 years old, what a fab job. Love the crochet as well, lots of hugs and a great weekend, Marion

Bad Kitty said...

thank you
it is

Bad Kitty said...

I'm afraid that i cut my fingers with guillotine.
I like very much my new cutter.

Bad Kitty said...

thank you Marion.
you ti have a great weekend

KarinsArtScrap said...

that new paper cutter looks great Kitty and the cookies looks delicious.
I'm curious how the crocket slippers look like when they are finished.
Gr Karin

Ajascha said...

Wow, what for a gread Papercutter and fun Pictures from your cat.
Have a nice weekend.

Bad Kitty said...

thank you

Bad Kitty said...


*Vicki* said...

That is one AWESOME paper cutter!! Me want one!! :)
Your kitty thinks it's awesome too!! TEEHEE!

Bad Kitty said...

hello Vicki!
my hubby bought me this cutter in Lidl.
I don't know if you have that store where you live.

Ulrike Ewert said...

So einen habe ich auch zu Hause,du wirst zufrieden sein und die Bilder sind einfach nur niedlich,könnte auch meine Katze sein.Ich habe 2 Katzen zu Hause,
glg ulrike

Bad Kitty said...

ich habe drei Katze :)

Desire Fourie said...

She is such a cute kitty and so inquisitive exploring the new box. Mmm, the cookies look yummy too.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Bad Kitty said...

she must have every book that she see

aussie aNNie said...

Thinking I need a better cutter too and maybe Coffee come here and cookies and you are so funny.xxx

Bad Kitty said...


Bianca said...

That sounds like a very good day for you eaven with the allergic reaction. It was the same with my cat and me but I loved her so much I could not give her away and she lived with me 19 years. Now I have guinea pigs and I´m not alergic again. Your doughter must be a very talented little baker. Her cookies are looking so very yummy!
Hope today will be as lovely for you again!
Bianca XX