Dec 1, 2014


Pozdrav prijatelji!
Jučer sam zatekla svog mačka  kako sjedi na mom radnom stolu.
Pozdravila sam ga ali mi nije rekao mijau.
On baš i ne mjauče,jako malo.
Ali nisam vam to htjela reči.
Nego napokon sam skužila šta če mačkama rep!
Pa dok im je zima za šape da ga omotaju !
Ako mi ne vjerujete pogledajte Stinky-ja.

Hello friends!
Yesterday I caught my cat sitting on my desk.
I say hello to him but he did not say meow.
He doesn't really meowing,very little.
But that is not what I wanted to say.
I finally figured out why cats have the tail!
When its cold for they paws,cats wrap the tile around their paws.
If you do not believe me look Stinky!


  1. Stinky is a cute kitty! My Kiwi likes to chase his tail. It is so funny to watch!

    1. Stinky doesn't like to play,only sleep and eat.

  2. Love your picture, what a cute kitty !!!

  3. owwww this made me smile, so cute, love the pic and wish I had a tail for my feet lol, lots of hugs, Marion

    1. yes the tail wolud be purrrfect for this cold days!

  4. So sweet!! He looks like he's smiling! :)


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