christmas gifts


I know it is maybe too early but I love to be prepared.

I wrap up some gifts for my friend daughters.

I dont know wrap gifts very well.

See you soon with some cards or something crafty.

10 komentari:

Mojca BOŽIČ said...

Super si spremila darove a ovi kapučin je moj najomiljeni..mislim da vidim kokos...njami. čao

Bad Kitty said...

Hvala ti
da kokos je :D

Elaine said...

These are fab. They will love it x

Bad Kitty said...

thank you

KT Fit Kitty said...

Adorable gifts! The kitty mugs are so cute! I love how you wrapped them and made the personalized tags! The girls will love them!

Ajascha said...

This is a sweet idea for gifts. I wish you and your Family a nice Weekend.

Bad Kitty said...

Thank you
have you too nice weekend

Bad Kitty said...

Thank you Kitty

marion said...

What a sweet gift and the perfect Henry to go with it, fab idea !!! Have a great weekend and lots of hugs, Marion

Bad Kitty said...

Thank you


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