Oct 22, 2014

my Cats

Coffee likes to sit next to me
on my chair :)

                              she likes to sit on my desk

this is Stinky, he likes sleep on my hand and he does not like take pictures

                     Coffee likes to doing crafts with me ;)


                                          my box :)


crazy cat sleeps wherever she likes

                                 Coffe and my sister


                                         where is the frog?

                   this kitty has saved my daughter a few months ago

                                      on the window


  1. Beautiful kitties, Fiki! I love them! So fun!

  2. Krasne su ti mačke.
    Lp, MArtina

  3. O boy, the last one I was scared they popped out, but loved your cat pics, lots of hugs, Marion

  4. Cute, my dog love to play with cats and is so gentle..xxThe Journey is the Start

  5. Such cute photos with your kitties!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs & Smiles - *Vicki*
    My Blog: Stamp Smiles


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