Apr 27, 2014

blog problems :(

Imam problema s blogom ponovo.
Ne prikazuje mi slike!
Dali ima još netko takav problem i da li znate kako to popraviti?
Morala sam ponovo staviti slike :(
Ne znam pod kojim se postom nalazila koja slika zato ču sve slike od prošle godine staviti na post od studenog 2013.
Post ču preimenovati u čestitke iz 2013.
I have a problem with the blog again.
Not showing me pictures!
Someone else have the same  problem?
and if you know how to fix it?
I had to put back all of the images :(
I do not know under which post was  pictures.and  because that Im going to put pictures from last year to the post from November 2013th.
Post I will rename the card's from  2013th.


10 komentari:

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello there. Sorry, I have not had this problem - I hope you can get it fixed soon! Very frustrating!

Bad Kitty said...

that very frustrating!
I must put all the pictures again!

Martina said...

Pozz, možda si obrisala slike u picasi..jer slike koje staviš na blog ti odu u pikasu i ako ih tamo obrišeš tada nestanu i na blogu..to je jedino što znam da bi moglo biti, za ostalo ne znam.
LP, Martina

marion said...

The foto-album in Blogger is linked to an online photo galery, if you delete the images in there, they are also gone on your blog and you have to upload them all again, very frustrating indeed. I hope this solves your problem and wishing you good luck in recovering your pics, take care, lots of hugs, Marion

Bad Kitty said...

nisam povezana s picasom... i nisma brisala ništa..

Bad Kitty said...

thank you Marion
I did not delete anything..

Nikki C said...

That's strange are you using Google Chrome to upload I had to switch from explorer as it wouldn't work proper for me anymore
hope that helps :)
hugs Nikki

Bad Kitty said...

yes I using google because explorer dos not work for me...

Ajascha said...

Dieses Problem hatte ich auch schon. Wahrscheinlich hast du aus Versehen etwas angeklickt, so das dein Blog umgestellt wurde und nun die Bilder weg sind. Nun mußt du sie in jedem Post wieder neu hochladen.

Bad Kitty said...

Ich weiß nicht, was sein könnte, aber von jetzt an werde ich darauf achten, was ich zu tun.
Ich habe alle Bilder von früher in einem Beitrag, denn ich bin sicher, die Tabellen unter jedem Fasten war.