I do not know if it's just me or others are having this problem.
At followers that I follow there is no my image.
I can not even sign in the peoples blog that I following.
Does anyone know what the problem is?
Sorry for my bad english :)

4 komentari:

Martina said...

Ne znam u čemu je problem, samo znam da ja nigdje ne mogu direktno postati sljedbenik, vec sve moram unositi preko svog bloga ručno i isto se pitam zašto...
Nadam se da ćeš riješiti problem.
Lp, Martina

Bad Kitty said...

da i to isto meni radi.
nadam se da ču naći rješenje

marion said...

Blogger has problems, that no followers are displayed, hope it will be solved very soon, lots of hugs, Marion

Bad Kitty said...

Thank you Marion for info! :)

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