Mar 5, 2014


Today went upside down.
I was disappointed with  napkins that I bought  for decoupage.
I wanted to make a chest for my sister with them, but I did not like how it turned out!
Bad quality napkins.
I thought it would be great paper!
On YouTube I found a tutorial of how to make a paper napkin!
I tried and turned out  great!
Some have turned out better some did not.

                      This is the first. He did not turn out very well.

                             This is the second he turned out a little better

And last turned out the best, but the second I like the most

This is chest for my sister

Tutorial for this you can find on this link:

6 komentari:

Martina said...

Odlična ideja. I jako lijepa kutija.
Lp, Martina

Bad Kitty said...

Hvala! Sestri se škrinjica ako svidjela.

Doris said...

prekrasna je

Bad Kitty said...

Hvala Doris!

Tinka said...

super je škrinjica, motiv je jako dobar i super si ga složila po škrinjici!

Bad Kitty said...