Feb 17, 2014

♥ ♥ ♥

This is new member of my family!
She is so sweet!
Pure bred Siamese cat.
She has six weeks.
I don't have name for her yet.
This is my late gift from Santa Claus!
I've always wanted Siamese cat now finally have her.
I had a half Siamese cat before but it got stolen. 
That was 7 months ago. 
I still miss her..


  1. Oooo kakšen mali srček! Veliko veselja z njo ti želim :)

  2. Predivna je. Uf, takvi mali su najslađi..kad se počnu igrat..:)..Uživaj s njom.
    Lp, Martina

  3. Owwww this is a sweet one, love it !!!! It will steel your heart in a blinck, she is lucky to be in a good home, lots of hugs, Marion

  4. Želim vam mnogo godina zajedničkog druženja! Prelepa je. Žao mi je zbog ove mace koju su ti ukrali, i ja neke pamtim i nedostaju mi...


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