Sep 28, 2013

from Santa I want this under the my Christmas tree..

From Santa this year, I want this under the my Christmas tree...
I think I think I deserve it..
This is too expensive in Croatia.
We do not have a lot of stores where we could buy scrapbook and crafts items.
We have only one hobby shop that is too expensive.


  1. Tamara mislim da neče...
    To je nešto o čemu mogu samo sanjariti..

  2. I hope Santa will bring you one
    Kevin xx

    1. Hello Kevin!
      I think it will not because we do not have a hobby shops ...
      Very little that we have for scrapbook & crafts.
      We are left with e-bay but then the postage comes more than the product itself.
      This is just another little dream ...

  3. Big shot is worth every cent. I preordered it and paid 90€ for it. I hope you will have it some day. I bought it for my 27 birthday :) This was my first scrapbook item and i really love it.
    Where are you from?


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