Aug 3, 2013

sijamska mačaka nestala


  1. I do hope you get her back
    Kevin xx

  2. I hope so too.
    It's been seven days and still nothing
    I do not know how without her.
    I really miss my cat.
    I cry every day and I'm looking for her but so far nothing.
    I hope that some good person will return it.
    I offered a reward in money to those who returned the cat.
    Cat has no monetary value, but it really is priceless to me.

    thank you Kevin for support.

  3. Držim pesti, da najdete muco.
    Zagotovo jo ima kdo doma-moja izkušnja
    lp srečno Tamara

  4. hvala Tamara,nadam se da ču ju nači uskoro.


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